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Re: GIPA Co-ordinator post of SACS

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Dear all

With heavy heart I am sending this message to the AIDS INDIA and other forums,

Its really hurts me to see all these type of mails with regards to the GIPA

coordinator post and other related post in the field of HIV/AIDS. As all of you

know that INP+ initiated GIPA in our country. This is a long time effort by

INP+. But still we feel that many people in our country are not able to


HIV/AIDS) not practicing it whole heartedly.

Many advertisements in News paper and through the forum mentioning about the

educational qualification and other criteria, in order to do a eye wash and

negate the chance for the PLHA to grab the post in the field of HIV/AIDS,

backward states and in other parts India, Lacks qualified PLHA, even though few

of them are qualified, they will not come open to serve the people, due to fear

of Stigma and Discrimination.

Hence, we request the SACS and other NGOs to contact INP+ for reference, within

a span of ten years our membership grown up to 1, 00,000 and spread through 22

states all over India.

If SACS and other are really interested, they should approach INP+ and its

affiliated state level networks.

Before considering the criteria for every post one should think qualifications

are not only the criteria to serve the community/peers, but at the same time one

has to think about the commitment and knowledge on HIV/AIDS.

Is somebody hearing the voice of the PLHA in this regard?

Jahnabi Goswami


e-mail: <jahnabig@...>

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Guest guest


We completely agree with Ms. Janabi's statement that " qualification " should not

be the only criteria and one has to have enough knowledge about HIV / AIDS to

serve the community.

We would like networks to take up the issues about recruitment of in-experienced

people to some key positions at the state and district level in the recent past.

Many districts in Tamilnadu and AP have DPM. More than 60 % of the DPM? have no

knowledge / update about HIV/AIDS. In the days to come this issue will be a big

barrier to implement HIV programs at the grass root level. INP+ should take this

up with NACO before the other districts appoint DPMs and other key staff in NACP


In the interest of the PLHIV community,


e-mail: shelter@...

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Guest guest

Dear Forum,

We would like to support the statement of Shelter and others who are supporting

the fact that " Qualifications " like Degrees in Sociology, psychology and social

science won’t be enough for a person to fulfill his job requirements.

Regarding to the HIV/AIDS work, apart from knowledge one's experience and

attitude is very important.

We would also like to support the statement about some people at key positions.

I think the percentage would be little higher. The major concern is the needs

and requirements of the people were not understood. Some times powers given to

them threaten people to raise voices.

For example our MSM CBO is functioning for the past seven years in Kumbakonam -

Tanjore District - Tamilnadu. We gained much support even from our neighborhood

and run our office successfully in the same venue from 2001. Many times we

introduced ourselves through visits, letters and registered posts to many people

in the so called " local administration " and invited them to help and support us.

But even a single visit was not undertaken to our office by any one.

The easy excuse would be to say " no timeâ€. But the problem is not with the

time, it is with the attitude. They just underestimate the values of the

vulnerable communities. In earlier days if we want to meet any higher official

we would be allowed easily. But now days they ask us to come through proper

" Channels " . Our problem is those " Channels " are not working properly and

actually they are the hindering factor for our development.

All SACS should think such postings are really necessary and are they helping or

hindering the developments of vulnerable communities. If it is necessary,

transparency should exist about the roles and responsibilities of such higher

officials and made available to state level bodies of vulnerable communities.


Administrator, Lotus

Kumbakonam - Tanjore District - Tamilnadu.

e-mail: lotus_sangam@...

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