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Re: Budget 2008: Rs 900 crore for combating AIDS comes with responsibility

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Dear Joe and forum members,

Re: /message/8521

The allocation of Rs.900 crore for cmbating AIDS may be a routine allocation,

but one has to see how best it is utilized in prompt manner, NACO/SACS should

formulate strategy to plan and disburse the amount to the committed NGOs/CBOs

rather than spending the budget for lack lustre program around India.

Secondly, who is bother about the people in the tribal areas and rural?

everybody is infatuated with the city life and places like Jarkhand don't have

elecctricity. Just think about the essential the situation of HIV/AIDS, NHRM

works and fate of the people.

My questions is about this issue Who has to take ADDITIONAL responsibilities,

whether it is only the govt, bureaucrats, Health officials, Health Ministers,

Union Health minister, WHO? or the people who are working the field of HIV/AIDS?

Or people living with HIV/AIDS PLHAs? Forums and and Network? Stakeholders in

the field of HIV/AIDS?

The more allocations will mean added income to the NGOs/CBOs who are care about

themselves not about the community.

Therefore we need transparency in the program, independent evaualtion for NGOs

and CBOs, NACO/SACS should answer for the community and TAX payer like me.

Let those who are working in the field HIV/AIDS plan for the community, work for

the community, evaluate the program without any disparities and free from

nepotism and favouritism, Networks should think about the newly infected and not

the board members/friends and family.

I hope this is wish of every citizen and countrymen, we have all resources but

when it comes to service and rehabilitation, we fails in proper planning,

allocation and execution.


Raju reddy

e-mail: <reddy2msm@...>

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Re: /message/8521

I totally agree with the 5 responsibilities enumerated by Joe .

It will not be out of place to mention that Resposibility no. 6 should be total

dedication, honesty in approaching the problem and tackling the issues.

I was invoved in one of the HIV SENTINEL SURVEILLANCE being carried out in

couple of States. It was shocking to see the State of affairs.

People were totally disinterested in the programme. even the testing kits were

not available right till the D-Day .In such a situation how can we get the

correct picture of the HIV situation in our country.

Mr Chidambram has done his duty. Now it is our turn to do the needful.

With regards

Yours sincerely

Lt.Col. (Dr.)S.S.Verma (Retd.)

e-mail: <suren_verma@...>

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Dear Forum,


Congrats to our moderator, Joe , on swiftly analysing the likely impact of

the budget and enunciating the " Panchsheel " or five principles on the way


I think these would be better and faster realised by integrating HIV/AIDS care

with the The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) which has also received an

infusion of budgetary support.

If we are to establish a community owned, decentralised health delivery system,

the Associated Social Health Activists, Link Workers and Village Health and

Sanitation Committees would need to be trained to support HIV/AIDS patients in

rural areas so that better health equity can be reached.

Dr Deepak Batura

Deepak Batura <d_batura@...>

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