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Dear Forum Members,

Re: /message/8606

This is with reference to the discussion going on in the AIDS INDIA

forum, in respect to the GIPA coordinator post in the field of HIV/AIDS.

After more than a decade of services, it is very unfortunate that the NACO/SACS

need again agitations and representation to change its attitude towards PLHA.

For the post of GIPA Coordinator; their ad says preferably PLHA. And there are

also representations in support of their stand. The principle of GIPA is

actually negated here. It is the involvement of PLHIV that matters here at the

SACS structure and not the qualification – the so called graduates/post


The idea when INP+ has taken up the issue and presented a policy to the NACO

has been to increasingly involve the PLHA in the NACO/SACS and work together in

policy and program making. It is the system oriented and not for any program

implementation. As one of the SACS officers, he/she – the person living with HIV

- shall be able to provide inputs to the programs and policy implementation from

the view point of PLHA. Kindly do note this point.

For such a position, there are many qualified leaders and able

administrators available among the networks. I request to kindly

approach the respective state networks or INP+ to propose suitable

persons among which the SACS can select.

Always there are ways to orient the PLHA candidates through

induction programs to work in SACS environment.

What is the need of the hour is to utilize the resources from among

the PLHA to serve them better and not to rub shoulders.

Let wisdom prevail among the authorities.


GIPA Advocacy officer INP+,Chennai

e-mail: daisy@...

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