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Re: Violation of GIPA by the PLWH Leaders themselves

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Dear Friends,

Re: /message/8632

Its interesting to follow the discussions on AIDS INDIA on GIPA.

I fully agree with the mail of Bhaduri Snehansu. You have tremendous insight

into the problem which is everywhere and I am glad that you have come out openly

with it without any fear.

I have pointed out the untold sufferings cause to the PLHA community here in

Nagpur by their own people who are organized in a network. PLHAs have shown that

greediness and not committment to the cause.

Often they point out fingers at NGOs and others who are non-PLHAs that we are

surviving at our cost, never knowing the deep committment we have for the cause

of HIV. They are formed into a support group or CBO lately, but NGOs have been

working for a long time- together. They never realise that they were helped by

NGOs to form their CBO. The terrible infights between them even to the extent of

physical assaults on WLHAs tremendously speaks for their organization. The CBO

has become an income source or business for the elite class of PLHAs who call

themselves founders.

If we speak of GIPA, then we also should attend to all these issues which are

happenning in the networks and address them. I feel that even after knowing

about this incidents, that nothing worthwhile has been done.

I did not mean to hurt anyone, infact, I admire and say to those PLHAs who are

deeply rooted in the cause " Keep up the good work you are doing " . Do not get

involved in politics of these groups, instead refrain from even joining if they

do not have the intention of supporting you.

Those funding agencies who are supporting these CBOs should assess their

credibility, only then, GIPA can be implemented properly.

F. Borges,

e-mail: <petervision2025@...>

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Re: /message/8632

Greetings. Let us not blow up one incident to generalize GIPA. GIPA is a force

-pressure which got many good outcomes, with advocacy and voicing for their own


Yes!. PLHA groups should not criticize the NGOs nor NGO criticize PLHAs


We are one family combating HIV and AIDS. We need to integrate more stakeholders

like faith based groups, Churches, community structures etc and strengthen each




e-mail: <rajasolomon777@...>

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