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- ? about optic neuritis :)

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Hi there, here's the background first

Oh boy, I screwed up on the BBD a couple weeks ago. Decided to

splurge on a gluten-free, dairy-free pizza. Well, um, it had SOY

cheese on it. ugh So I felt it a couple days later, but started

coming out of the fatigue/weakness/stupor by the end of the day and

was counting my blessings. Then I started noticing changes in my

right eye the day after that. I had optic neuritis in the left eye

last fall and it never recovered enough for me to depend on it if the

right eye goes - so I'm in a tight spot with needing to work and take

care of my boys by myself. I went in for acupuncture last Tues. and

it worked - followed up with the opthamologist next morning and he

verified it was 20/20 in the right eye. THEN he dilated my eyes and

it never recovered. :( Could barely see when I went for acupuncture

the day after that. That was last Thurs, and it worked again, but

started " wearing off " over the weekend and getting worse day by day.

Went back for acupuncture yesterday and it did nothing this time.

Going today one more time as kind of a last ditch effort. I'm doing

just about all I can to avoid going for corticosteroids that might

not work anyways. So here's what I'm doing:

I'm starting a 1-day fast immediately. After that will be the 10-day

live juice fast. If you have any input/opinions/cautions on this I

would appreciate hearing them. Also, I'm going to get some lutein

since I need to get some more turmeric at the store anyways. Do you

remember the dosage you were taking of lutein when you had optic

neuritis? I've been taking an ocular formula for a week now that

does contain a bit of lutein (5mg per capsule, 2x a day), but I'm

wondering if I need to up the dosage.

Thanks bunches for your help!


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