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Re: Thyroid Lab results

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> Hi Bee and thyroid experts,


> So I've been on the diet almost six weeks and had my thyroid labs checked as

you recommended to see if I should reduce medication. I have Hashimotos and also

reverse T3 which means I don't convert T4 to T3 efficiently as normal people do

so I take a sustained release bio-identical T3 medication without any T4 (as

there is in Armour and Synthroid/Levoxyl).


> When I compare my results to those of 6 weeks ago pre-diet:

> TSH is lower but still in range. Not sure why.

> T3 is higher but still near top of range (This is good. Either my HCL is

helping me use my medication more effectively or the Candida diet is working!!)


> T4 is for the first time ever LOW out of range. Totally confounded by that.


> Bee-Do you think I should stay on my current level of T3 med for now and check

it in another month or reduce? Anyone else want to take a stab an interpreting?

+++Hi Chris. If your dose needs to be lowered your doctor should be advising

you, but I think you need more time. Check it in another month. Also post the

actual test results for me next time.

Luv, Bee

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