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Electro Regenesis Therapy

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I recently visited the Electro Regenesis centre, near Brisbane

Australia, and had a chance to look at and try our their devices. I

was amazed at what had been achieved in wound healing, etc.

These electro-therapy devices are already certified for use in

Australia with US FDA approval imminent. I highly recommend watching

their videos where they go into detail about what has been achieved.

This is a great role model for what can be achieved with Electro-

therapy when properly resourced and real scientists back it up. The

Rife industry can learn a lot from Electro Regenesis.

The following text is quoted from their video:

" Embracing the philosophies of traditional Eastern medicine with the

latest in modern technology, Electro Regenesis is achieving giant

results by addressing the smallest and most fundamental element of

our existence – the atom.

Electro Regenesis is based upon the concept that a healthy body is a

reflection of healthy energetic cells.

Cells produce their own energy through the process of Glycolysis.

This process occurs in the mitochondria where glucose is converted

to ATP, molecules of raw energy for the cell to utilize.

As the smallest particle of matter in the body's molecular

structure, electrons form the fundamental energy that build new

cells, repair damaged tissues and mend broken DNA on the atomic

level throughout the body.

It is electrons that surround the nucleus of an atom, that are the

source to healing individual cells and restoring balance to the body

as a whole. Illness, bad diet, injury, toxins and stress can cause

atoms to be missing electrons creating oxidation and disease. The

damaged atom is now out of balance or equilibrium so it starts to

scavenge from neighboring atoms. This process is called oxidation.

Oxidation causes the cell to become sick and diseased. The diseased

cell's mitochondria, produces markedly less ATP, that is energy per

module of glucose, in Glycolysis. This process spreads to

surrounding cells creating sick organs. This in turn leads to a

compromised energy flow within the body and subsequent illness.

Acknowledging the importance of energy flow is at the very heart of

Electro Regenesis therapy.

Using an Electro Regenesis device, electronic pulses are sent into

the body by cloth wrappings attached to the limbs. This steady

stream of electrons introduced into the cellular matrix of the body

acts as a highly potent antioxidant.

Modern medical science has clearly established the fact that free

radicals are the primary cause of cellular deterioration and

progressive tissue damage associated with aging and chronic

degenerative conditions.

Electro Regenesis therapy permeates every tissue and reaches every

cell in the body. The billions of electrons streaming into the body

with Electro Regenesis therapy are already in free form and as they

flood through the tissues, they instantly donate an extra electron

to each and every free radical that they encounter. The atoms are

now no longer free radicals. The mitochondria produce the full

complement of ATP for every molecule of glucose during Glycolysis,

thus fully energizing the cell. This immediately terminates the

pernicious source of tissue damage and provides a rapid elimination

of cellular toxins.

This in term promotes healing, restores balance and efficiency to

the cellular health and thus the body as a whole.

By addressing the problems at a cellular level Electro Regenesis has

been able to produce overwhelming results thus providing peak health

through energy enhancement. "

Visit the Rife Forum for more info on this and to see their videos

online: http://www.rifeforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=954

More info about their therapy can also be found on their website


Their devices are NOT Rife devices, although they do use frequencies

(very long frequencies) and very low energy levels (pico Amp range).

What makes them note important is that they back up their claims

with full clinical studies, and sell their devices into mainstream




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