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I apologize, I got a virus. Please do not go to the website.


From: DownSyndromeInfoExchange [mailto:DownSyndromeInfoExchange ] On Behalf Of MadduxSent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 3:55 PMTo: downsyndromeinfoexchange ; gingerbreadfive@...; krcbmeg@...Subject: [DownSyndromeInfoExchange] (unknown)


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Kassia, I'm VERY impressed by you! With all that is going on with DH, being a mother and you are STILL Ambitious!GOOD FOR YOU!Subject: (unknown)To: "exercisevideos " <exercisevideos >Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:39 PM

Just dropping in. He is in for the 3 month haul. Have some other loose ends to tie up and seems when it rains it pours. Hopefully I get all this garbage worked out and I can get some normalcy in life until he gets home. Been working on a lot of school work b/c I do not want to fall behind on my grades. I can't do much in the way of my major core classes until I finished more Biology. So next year it's more Biology (Anatomy and Physiology for Fall and Spring with the labs, this semester I am doing Cell Biology) and some General Ed credits I have to get done. That will knock out a lot of Gen Eds though. I would just have to do my required Intermediate Spanish, Literature, and of course Senior Symposium (but that is a ways off yet) and live in Gym building for the rest of my school career. I hope to find out more

about the masters program moving in, but I am not pushing much with DH not expecting to fully recover for at least a year. I can get a rewarding, fulfilling job just on a bachelors, but P.A. is my ultimate goal as a health field career. There is time to fit in it somehow LOL. Workouts are touch and go for the last two weeks. I will hopefully get back on a normal routine soon. I kind of do whatever I feel like just to say I did something that day, but it's not what I want out of myself. I want to be running, belling, stretching, and fitting in other stuff just for fun. Well got a test for Photosynthesis tomorrow, gotta study up. It's not an easy topic for me b/c I can't relate it to my world, but my professor is more into human cell biology so I don't foresee it being TOO hard. Bio lab begins dissection next week. Oh goody LOL. Stats and

history, well it's math and history and we will leave it at that :) KASSIAwife,mother,student,kettlebellehttp://ldysolana.blogspot.com

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Hi Liora, Here is an update, on Cintia and Augusto: (use Google Translate for Portuguese, thats what we speak in Brazil, not Brazilian, nor Spanish).http://www.almanaquealagoas.com.br/noticias/?vCod=999And on a and Vitoria http://www.faders.rs.gov.br/portal/index.php?id=noticias & cod=811I heard a and her husband live with the husband's mum, and Vitoria lives with a's mum. a goes to her mum's everyday to ba with Vitoria. They live in a small town, so it was a big deal when their story hit the news. Now they dont want any more publicity and are saying no to journalists who ask for

interviews.Apart from them, a doctor I know in Brazil who is a specialist on DS said he knows of more 6 cases of women with DS that had babies. Most of them were unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, some because of rape, including incest. Two of the babies born had different genetic syndromes (not DS), one I think died. Apparently one of the babies had DS. He was talking to another doctor and I eavesdropped. I might ask him directly when I meet him again.Just recently I heard of the case of a woman, from a poor family that was raped inside a special school in Rio and got pregnant. At the down-syn list they were also looking for some info on that because apparently another woman - I dont know where from - got pregnant and her mother wanted to get info.This is something we cant hide from. We need to

educate our children about sexuality, contraception abuse, everything they are exposed to when they grow older and are out and about.Pat De: aliasliora Para: einstein syndrome ; dstni leichtman <DSTNI >; DS Infoexchange <DownSyndromeInfoExchange > Enviadas:

Domingo, 18 de Março de 2012 23:06 Assunto: [DownSyndromeInfoExchange] (unknown)

I shared these with the fellow from the DS agency and thought I'd repost!hi,

I wanted to share two positive birth stories I heard soon after my daughter with DS was born. I have kept the info and hope it provides some usefulness for the young woman and her family! And, not to be mistaken that having a non DS child is the only positive outcome- these are the only two stories of women with DS becoming pregnant that I have seen. My point is that having DS is not a barrier to having a baby or becoming a mother.

best, Liora Pearlman, U.S. citizen in Beijing, China; mom of 3, youngest with DS, oldest recovered from PDD NOS with biomedical treatments, middle child neurotypical.

1) There

is a Brazilian woman with DS, a, that had a child in 2008. Her boyfriend also has an intellectual disability. from a blog: "After a long battle, they were finally able to obtain a birth certificate for their daughter. The grandmother was supportive of the couple and said that she would be taking care of the baby. [as well as the parents I assume]" Here are all the stories I could find on this family. Some are in Brazilian (doesn't seem to be regular spanish, translating tool I am using is not working),

and some in English



baby is now 3 years old, follow up story!


2) This woman got married to a typical non disabled guy and had a healthy baby.

The basic story:

Cinthia met , they fell in love, got married and now Augusto is born.

The details: Cinthia has DS, doesnt have a disability, nor does Augusto.

Watch the video on the link below.

<http://mediacenter.clicrbs.com.br/templates/player.aspx?uf=1 & contentID=68708 & channel=47>

full translation of the news report: and **disclaimer!*** do not flame me. The language is reflective of the TV station, not me or (who originally posted it, and translated it for the DownsyndromeInfoExchange yahoo group)


Carvalho Bento, 37, is part of a very small statistic. She has Down syndrome, and had a baby without it, a rare case in medicine.

(is it?? I would like to know the numbers before such a statement is made. ~Liora)


the medical literature, there are 30 women with Down syndrome who have had perfect children, affirms her gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr Renato Poli.


son with her husband, Egidio Bento, was born 3 weeks before due date, weighing 2.9 kg and healthy. The couple met at an institution for persons with intellectual disabilities, where worked as janitor.

"My God, it was a great present to me. His name is Augusto Carvalho Bento, and there he is, this such beautiful boy" – celebrates Cintia.

Will power is one of Cintia’s characteristics, that ended up resulting in some good and amazing news.

Cintia estipulated her objectives. "First, work." She did it. "Then, marriage." She had many boyfriends before getting married. Then she met . "We totally fell in love with him. He is our third child" tells Cintia’s mother, Jane Carvalho.

When Cintia revealed her wish to have a baby, her parents had difficulties accepting it , but in the end, conceded.

"At first I thought it couldn’t be. In reality, I didn’t want it. After one month I started assimilating the idea and fell in love with Augusto"

says Jane.

Cintia’s father, Cristo Ortiz, sums up her daughters’ life in one lesson: "For those who still have doubts about the capacity and abilities of those with Down syndrome, the can really overcome barriers. All we have to do is to give them wings and off they go, they struggle, and can be as normal as so called normal people."

more news features.



Here the translation of one of the news programs' first line

"I took the sonar, put on her stomach and heard the heart. I told [Cintia's] mother - jane, this is your grandsons heart. You can imagine what it was. Cintia took off her glasses , started to cry and said -thank god it is a baby i have inside my belly."

I read somewhere that a documentary is being produced.

all the Best in Health,Liora Pearlman , ModeratorMomFriend Me At Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546828969and, Please consider calling me at 5130 3931 or texting 139 1030 6022 if it is time sensitive.

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