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Re:Urgent Gareth update

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Thanks Beth for the update. Sending many prayers for the whole family.




c2VjA2Rtc2cEc2xrA3Ztc2cEc3RpbWUDMTIzMDc0NDk5MA--> Urgent Gareth update

Posted by: " Beth "


ppaul1@... <http://profiles.yahoo.com/erie54pa> erie54pa

Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:35 am (PST)

Dear Friends,

I got an early morning call from Margaret- she told me that the State

College hospital had Gareth air-lifted to the Hershey hospital at 1

am this morning- his lungs kept filling up with fluid and the State

College team couldn't do anything more for him there. Margaret and

Terry drove the two hours to Hershey to be at Gareth's side. She

said that they have been working on him all night and that for now he

is stable but she is very scared.

So please, storm heaven for them. Gareth has been a fighter- not

unlike Margaret. I'll keep you posted if Margaret doesn't first. I

think that she doesn't have email access right now.

God bless us - every one!

Beth Pete's Mum

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Margaret just left me a message- with very good news! Gareth is

doing much better tonight, thank God!!!

Thought you'd all be relieved. She didn't want me to call back

tonight. More as I find out.


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