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- 2008 Gathering - Ann Arbor, MI

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Hi -

Thanks for your input. I am still open to other ideas. What would work

best for you? And, will you be travelling alone or bringing someone with

you? Please do let me know as having this work out best for everyone would

be great all the way around.

The reason for suggesting Ann Arbor is there are already 4 caregivers in

Michigan and Courage coming from Canada into Detroit makes 5. Ann Arbor, MI

is an 8 1/2 - 9 hr drive from us here in Iowa and by the initial look of it

all it seems so much closer. hmmm

Nothing written in stone though. Throw out some ideas and we will work

through them. :-))

Hugs to you in the South from a very cold Iowa-


Des Moines, IA

dad, Merle, passed away from LBD 9-20-02, age 65

mum, Jo, (MIL) passed away from LBD 4-29-07, age 78

-- 2008 Gathering - Ann Arbor


> I'm all for Ann Arbor!

> Courage


> Re: Courage and Donna R - 2008 Gathering


> Sault Ste. Marie? How fun! Airports nearby?

> carol



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