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newbie questions about Dr. Peng's tea

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This question is for the TCM users. I had a consult w/Dr. Peng and

we received our tea last week. I'm going to start it for my son who

is a tough nut gut kid.

I have 2 questions:

1)I'm a little nervous about the herbs. Does anyone know what Peng's

source is or the quality og the herbs? I want to be sure they are

not sprayed with pesticides.

2) The directions say boil herbs in a stainless steal pot. I'm sure

it does not matter, but we only use glass or ceramic cookware. Is

that ok?

Thanks for any response and I will keep the group posted of our

results. FYI-Dr. Peng told us not to go off all the supps, but rather

keep everything the same when we try the tea. It might be because of

my son's other medical issues but wanted to share how we will be

moving forward.


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