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Treating Autism Conference

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Apologies for the quick commercial break but final line up is now

confirmed although not all the talk titles. Please book sooner

rather than later if you can - keeps our blood pressure stable and

means we dont waste resources on marketing :-) also if you know

someone who needs the info in French, German, Italian, Turkish,

Russian, Spanish - please let me know and I will forward to them.

MOre info and translations on the website under Useful docs.

Day One Friday

Dr Jepson

Dr Natasha McBride " Gut and psychology syndrome. What

causes autism and how to treat it with a sound nutritional protocol "

Mr T Culp (SNPS talk)

Dr Lorene Amet

Dr Magdalena Cubala Kucharska

Day Two Saturday

Dr Jepson

Boyd Haley (OSR and toxic metal expert) " Toxicities, Oxidative Stress

and Autism "

Dr Wakefield (NB in addition to evening talk at Landmarc)

DeFelice (enzymes)

Dr Anton Van Rhijn (homeopathic expert) " Treating Autism A 3 Stage

Approach "

There are discounts for Treating Autism and NAS members on the

site. www.treatingautism.co.uk

Look forward to seeing you there

Steph x

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