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I think it was you who's son wanted to know about where the Gnome Kingdom is in that game. I asked my daughter's boyfriend last night and he said there are two Kingdoms. One is south of Iron Forge and the other is west of Iron Forge. He also said there is a Gnomenagon dungeon south of Iron Forge. He warned to be careful in the south Kingdom, that it's full of baddies.

God bless you!

To: asthma Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 11:47:56 PMSubject: If you all think it's funny re: choc flavored nebilizers, read this!

I'll never forget that day that I came home and kept asking mom what she cleaned today. She got mad cause she said she didn't clean anything and mom rarely cleans house. I told my husband(now ex) and mom that someone used Lysol. I started frosting the cake that my mom baked for my 1 year old daughter(now 19) and the frosting was chocolate but it was turning a sort of purple. I asked my mom and husband, does it look purple to you. They said I was nuts. I knew what I saw. Then we commenced to eat

the cake and low and behold, I started spitting that cake out

all over the place. They asked me what the hell I was doing.

I said, the Lysol is in the cake, spit it out. At first they didn't believe me and kept eating and swallowed that stuff.

Luckily no one had to go to the doctor. The purple frosting

must have been a chemical reaction. So, now you know how to make purple frosting? he he! People, there was Lysol and cooking oil under the kitchen counter, both in big yellow containers from Costco! Mom got them mixed up!

ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

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