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Re: Eczema: coconut oil, allergy

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The allergens appear to be 55 and 36.5kd in size. The 35 kD coconut protein

was shown to be immunologically similar to soy glycinin (legumin group of

seed storage proteins). (Teuber 1999 ref.3280 5)

Protein bands of 15, 20, 35, 45 and 200 kDa were detected. IgE immunoblot

showed intense reactivity to a 78 kDa protein and weaker bands for 15-20, 22

and 30 kDa proteins. (do 2002 ref.5657 2)

Cocosin, a globulin, is a legume class reserve protein found in coconut

endosperm. (Balasundaresan 2002 ref.7657 3) Its allergenicity is unknown.

Coconut water contains the proteins glutelin and prolamin. (Birosel 1976

ref.7665 4)

Oil is used for manufacturing soap, margarine, detergents, etc.

Adverse Reactions:


Allergy to coconut is infrequent.

Allergy reactions, from itching in the mouth, urticaria, to anaphylaxis.

Skin sensitivity.

A baby of 8 months fed from birth with maternal milk, developed severe

gastro-intestinal symptoms due to the presence of coconut oil in the

formulation. Diagnosis was made using skin specific IgE tests and with oral

challenges. (Couturier 1994 ref.1777 9)

Anaphylaxis in a 28-year-old atopic man following ingestion of coconut

ice-cream. The reaction consisted of oral pruritis, vomiting and intense

angioedema of the lips and uvula. (do 2002 ref.5657 2)

Two patients with tree nut allergy manifested by life-threatening systemic

reactions reported the subsequent onset of systemic reactions after the

consumption of coconut. The clinical reactivity in these 2 patients is

likely due to cross-reacting IgE antibodies primarily directed against

walnut, the original clinical allergy reported, and most likely to a walnut

legumin-like protein. (Teuber 1999 ref.3280 5)



A coconut phytobezoar was detected in the distal ileum of a 4-year-old boy,

admitted for suspected appendicitis. (Venuta 2001 ref.7658 1)

When I was allergic to soap and the fragrances in soap,

years ago

that is how I reacted. I used Cetaphil, a non-coconut oil


skin cleanser. For a long time I was allergic to coconut

oil, most

soaps and shampoos have coconut oil derivatives. It was by

coincidence that I finally realized this allergy. I attended

a massage

workshop and they gave us coconut oil to use, my hands turned

beet red and started itching.


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