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Information: Nebulized Allimax for URI

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Hello Fellow Docs & Practitioners, I am forwarding an email from a colleague who is nebulizing Allimax to treat upper respiratory infections with great success. I have just purchased my own nebulizer to use in my office and am excited to offer this service to patients. So far I have treated a patient with viral pneumonia and am treating

another patient with a URI today. I am also curious about the effect Allimax might have on acute asthmatics with it's anti-histamine properties. I will keep you all updated on my clinical experience with this therapy as I continue to use it. I am still the rep for these awesome products. If anyone is interested in speaking with me further about this please call or email. Update on Nebulized Allicin for Pneumonia, flu and Upper Respiratory Infections Hello, For those of you who have asked for an update, I’ve now treated a couple of dozen patients since last winter (2006) for upper respiratory Infections (URI), flu, sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory infections with nebulized allicin. The results have been dramatic. Three of these patients had pneumonia. Treatment

protocol: Standard nebulizer with sterile tubing is used (Available for $40 from Amazon and other vendors) 10 drops of stabilized allicin (not garlic) and 10 drops of sterile saline placed in the receptacle. Patient controls the nebulizer by turning it on and off while breathing the vapors. Instruct them to turn nebulizer on, inhale slowly and deeply into their lungs, turn the nebulizer off, hold for 30 seconds, and then slowly breathe out through their nose. Repeat until the solution is gone. This technique exposes all the respiratory membranes to the stabilized allicin’s anti-viral, fungal and bacterial properties. Send patient home with the remains of the allicin, instructing them to place five drops under the

tongue six times a day. For nasal or sinus symptoms, a drop is placed in each nostril and snuffed six times a day. If the tonsils are enlarged or the throat sore, drops are placed locally. Last year I was having patient add the drops to water and gargle, this year I’m finding that direct application works better and is more convenient. Drops under the tongue work because allicin is an extremely small molecule that is readily absorbed. It’s absorbed so well that the smell goes away within minutes, so patients can do this while at work. (Note: this is not the same as deodorized garlic. This is allicin, the main active ingredient in garlic. It has been naturally extracted and stabilized from garlic.) A note on potency: Stabilized allicin is patented by Allimax International out of England . They make three potencies: Allimax is 300 ppm allicin. Alliultra is 500 ppm. Allimed is 1000 ppm. The concentrated solutions come in larger bottles, making them more economical. For mild cases Allimax works well. Severe or chronic cases require the stronger solutions of Alliultra or Allimed. Because it works so well and is more economical, I mostly stock the Alliultra. The also come in capsules which work well as general immune stimulants and for those with chronic viral infections. At least one study and a number of physicians have seen positive results with Lyme Disease. Sabilized allicin is shown to not cause antibiotic-resistance and is effective against Methicillin Resistant Staph (MRSA). Outcomes: I’ve treated about 24 cases of severe URI, flu, viral malaise, sinusitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, and bronchitis with this protocol. They’ve all felt relief from the nebulization and recovered quickly. Only three patients, both severely run down, have returned for more treatments. The pneumonia patients have all done well. The allicin increases cough productivity for a couple of hours. They do better with the Allimed and don’t necessarily need antibiotics. One patient never filled his antibiotic prescription. One did but didn’t think it made any difference. One came to me while already on an antibiotic that wasn’t noticeably helping.

I highly recommend this treatment. It’s quick, effective, avoids antibiotics, and doesn’t require IV administration. Best of health, Tom Ballard, RN, ND Dr. McCool, N.D. Sunnyside Natural Medicine 13110 SE Sunnyside Suite B Clackamas, Oregon 97015

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Mine has been in my fridge for over a year, and I am unable to read the stamp on the bottom of the bottle so I have no idea when it expires. How do we know when it has gone bad? It has always tasted mildly burnt. is it still good if it gets left out of the fridge for too long? 

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