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Re: Colon pain despite clean tests - GF Restaurants

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I found the McAlister's gluten free items on their website, I believe

under nutritional information. I poked around and found the allergen

and nutritional information. Two safe things are the corn chowder and

the vegetarian chili. There are more, those are just the two I


Sorry , the mexican food restaurant is in Midland -- Abuelos's.

Landry's Seafood in Houston on Westheimer was awesome! Their

landscaper has celiac so they are very familiar with it. The manager

said they will make anything on the menu gluten free, using a

cornmeal base instead. I wish I had asked before I ordered the

pumpkin seed crusted shrimp with pomagranite sauce and had to give it

to my husband. Benihana's was great. He cleaned the grill really

well and he cooked my food first so there wouldn't be any cross

contamination. But I couldn't have any of the sauces there, all of

them had soy suace in them. 's (Greek Food) by the Galleria

was also accommodating and the owner made menu suggestions to help

me. PF Changs has gluten free menu, but I didn't find out until

after we had left Houston.

While I was in Houston I had a short conversation with a lady who was

looking for a good endo... anyway she told me she had both Hashi's

and Graves. I didn't realize that was possible.




> I am excited that McAlister's has a gluten free menu. My husband

loves to eat there and has been grumbling about potentially losing

his favorite places to eat if the tests are positive. Was the

mexican food restaurant in Houston?


> -


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