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Will how could this be???

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Actually, every bite of my pork coming into the warehouse over past month or

more IS

different and different in a good way. In the beginning Mike and I were buying


Berkshire weanlings (30-50# pigs) and raising them to finish our way. We

realized that

while it was really, really good, and that we could overcome some of the


limitations of " other people's hogs " , to get the ultimate pork we would have to

start by

buying our own sows and boars and raising all our own baby pigs from scratch!

This change of plans (about a year ago) caused a production glitch wherein I was


out of everything. Sales were lost, I couldn't supply a restaurant, and I felt

bad. As of

about six weeks ago, I came into our production process of OUR OWN pigs. The


is truly amazing!

Everything else is the same, no MSG, no nitrites, no chemicals, no antibiotics

or hormones,

no vaccines or wormers, no soy, no corn, no GMOs and all the rest.

Thanks for noticing! Unfortunately, though, now everyone knows we have BACON!


our cover is blown already, I might as well mention that I have about 100# of


BACON as well! (Cottage bacon is similar to " Canadian Bacon, it's about 90%

lean, and

many people prefer it to the regular fatty bacon). We are still setting a limit

of 5# per

customer so as many people as possible who are waiting can get a taste!

Will Winter

Lucky Pig Pork

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