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Re: Steel Bow and Steel-Bow28

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Folks, in a nutshell... The Steel-Bow is a 20 inch original Bullworker design. It has inter-changing springs (3) and has total across the board use: Young, Old, Men, Women. This model is designed specifically for use with the new Iso-Motion Fitness Program. All traditional exercises are possible with this model. The Steel-Bow28 is a 28 inch X-5 design. It is for the traditional user who wants a fuller size unit for workouts. The resistance level on this model is designed to be more forgiving on the cable pulls than on the handle compression. If someone is looking for "full-size" power resistance, this model is second to none. This model is not recommended for Iso-Motion unless one is extremely powerful and disciplined. Both models are all steel tubing, steel cables and contoured handles. There are two excellent reviews of the products on this forum. Hopefully, this explanation will give new meaning to them. Bullworker USA Thangam wrote: Can anyone tell the difference between steel bowand steel bow 28.Apart from changing the spring whatis the difference (in terms of spring resistance andquality)

..--- richard pancoast <plumbguy2002> wrote:> http://www.bowproducts.com> > Cambor <rcambor@....com> wrote: > Hi: > > What is the website for the Steel-bow 28? It> sounds interesting. I have Bullworker 3 and X5, both> nice, but the Iso-Motion exercises you describe> sound qualitatively different, and would seem good> for full body exercise and even cardio. I am short> on time and always looking for efficient ways to> exercise. > > Cambor> > > Re: Steel Bow and Full> Muscular Movement> > > A very intelligent review in explaining the> whys. As your comment on analyzing equipment AND> full range of muscular movement hits home, I offer> the following experience which could beg for your> next analysis: > > I was a tester for the new Steel-Bow, not the 28.> And while the isometric and isotonic Bullworker> exercises are there, the routine for Iso-Motion took> exercise to a complete new level. Due to the> complete range of motion that is suggested, I am> only able to use the Level 1 spring, much to my> surprise. This routine is a muscular challenge. It> reminds me of the Gert Kolbel routine for the> Exerwatch, but with much more movement, as one can> push and pull for each movement. > > Bruce Pechman, Mr Bicep, gave an excellent> testimony on

the Steel Bow website, but I will try> to expand on it.> > With the shorter length of the Steel-Bow, full> range muscular contraction and extension is possible> for each movement. I am unable to have this type of> movement with my 34 inch X-5 Gold, due to its> length. > > What was humbling with the Level 1 spring was the> ease of resistance (for a typical male) in an> Isometric hold and the difficulty of resistance in> an Iso-Motion movement. This is the first Bullworker> that allows me to attain full muscular extension in> the exercise. As in my middle age, I am much more> into the cardio and endurance factor, I am not sure> I will ever make it to the Level 2 spring in> Iso-Motion, though my college age son who is an> iron-head, likes the challenge of it and uses the> Level 3 spring for his holds. As Rich said in a> previous post,

Level 3 is for gorillas, my son> included. > > My wife, who never liked the length of a full-size> Bullworker, enjoyed shorter length and the Level 1> spring for both the Iso-Motion and the Isometric> holds, as she could compress far enough for her ego> on the holds and any compression works with the> Iso-Motion. She is the one who showed me leg> movements, which the chart encourages, from her Jane> Fonda workouts that made sense to complete this full> body routine. She gives the routine a ballet> appearance. I do not. My variation is more> military and martial arts in appearance.> > For me there is too much info with the B-X cd; I> fall into the category of wanting to pick up my> Bullworker and use it. I do not want to read a book> nor do I want to chart my daily progress or sift> through 500 computer pages deciding what is> pertinent

or not. > > I want to look at a 1-page no-hype chart and how> my clothes fit and activities tell me my progress.> My routine at my age is maintenance... 24x7, which> includes varying my routine periodically. I use to> think my X-5 Chart with the 3 Levels of resistance> was enough, as you so expertly explained. The> Steel-Bow chart delivers more of everything I am> looking for and still is confined to one page. My> wife also likes looking at women for her routine on> the other side. Quite frankly, I like looking at the> woman on the other side too and there is a variation> of exercises offered... a nice touch.> > But the total movement you are an advocate of, I> now experience with this Steel-Bow in this> Iso-Motion routine. And the squats, lunges and step> movements during the routine work my legs in a> cardio isotonic way I never

experienced with my> Gold. There is a flexibility that was not there> before... or at least for a very long time since I> was much younger.> > While I was hesitant looking at the length, it was> the 3 changing springs that was intriguing;> especially with the Level 1 Spring feeling like a> joke and the Level 3 Spring confirming I am older,> but the Iso-Motion was a totally unexpected reward> in my 30+ years of using a Bullworker. For someone> who just flat out wants the ease of convenient and> responsive exercising... the Steel-Bow is a> surprising and welcome experience.> > Again, I would be interested in your opinion of> such if you ever add to your collection, as I keep> doing.> > jp> > > vvthangam <vvthangam> wrote:> Here is my unbiased review

for X5 and bully> Xtreme. Before > going into that u guys forget a major thing. We are> here to analyze > which equipment is effective in building muscle not> which one looks > robust. What is the use if something looks robust> but doesn't build > muscle? Both of the products have pros and cons.> When speaking about > the equipment X5 is like bowflex and BX is like> crossbow. Even > though crossbow claims to be superior equipment than> bowflex in > terms of full range of movement when u exercise on> both u feel > bowflex provides smoother resistance than crossbow> but crossbow cost > lesser than bowflex. X5 is definitely smoother than> BX there is no > doubt in it. The total or full resistance provided> by X5 is also > greater than BX. X5 provides lesser initial> resistance and it > increases as u move the

power meter ring up but BX> provides uneven > resistance. U guys may ask how spring resistance> matter in > isometrics here is the answer. After few weeks u are> on isometrics > your improvements get freezes. U should alternate> between isotonic > reps and isometric hold to avoid the plateaus. This> is the way I > keep building strength and muscle using isometrics.> BX becomes > unsuitable for isotonic reps because of its uneven> spring > resistance. If u build full range strength using> isometrics u can > see increase in muscle size. The reason weight are> superior in > building muscle to isometrics is weights provide> full range > strength. With X5 dual strap it at least give us an> opportunity to > try isometric hold at all three angles (I don't see> X5 exercise > chart providing all 3 angle isometric

hold for every> muscle group).> Now here is where BX stands out. The material> provided with > BX is better than X5 wall chart. No warranty is> another weak point > for X5. I am using X5 for more than one year it> doesn't break up. I > am not worried about look I am worried whether it> assists me in > achieving my goal (building strength and muscle). I> would buy X5 > equipment and BX material.> > > > > > ---------------------------------> Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail> beta. > > > > > > > ---------------------------------> Have a burning question? Go to Yahoo! Answers and> get === message truncated ===__________________________________________________________Do you

Yahoo!?Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.http://new.mail.yahoo.com

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

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