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My daughter who is 19 is very sound sensitive. I thought it has eased

up a bit as she got older. I just found out I was wrong. Prior to

going into surgery on her knee last Wednesday, I helped her undress in

the bathroom. She was so anxious, she was crying. I asked her why she

didnt flush the toilet. She immediated and I mean in a split second,

faster that I have seen her move in a long time, hit the handle and

then cover her ears like it was an earth shaking blast. She held her

hands to her ears and her body shuddered. I myself can hear high

pitched noises as well as she can and others can't.

She has more sensitivities in a different direction. She has a high

tolerance for pain. She had been walking around with a torn miniscus

(hence the surgery last Wednesday) for 2 years. Yes, she complained

and she limped and when she pointed to her kneecap for pain the

doctors thought it was patella femoral syndrome..not a miniscus tear.


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