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- Amy's workouts

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Hi !

A quick overview based on the ones I've done. Amy's cardio isn't so much complex (at least her hi/lo and kickboxing aren't) as just fast moving. She really doesn't break down and teach per se, you just have to be ready to go! I think she may have done this partially b/c she knew it would be on a DVD that is done over and over and it can get boring to have to repeatedly go through the breakdown of a move you already know. I think it also just may be her style. That said, you get great intensity in the workout, but you just have to save it for a day when you're "on" (at least I do!) The workouts get easier to follow the more you do them since you are familiar w/ the routines. I haven't done any of her step b/c I fear tripping and killing myself. Really complex stuff on the step worries me b/c of the fall factor.

Her strenght workouts are good - she definately adds new twists through body positioning, use of equipment, etc. to standard exercises to make them tougher!

I think her DVDs are great bargains b/c they are priced well and contain lots of premixes and other options.

Hope that helps!Donna

Subject: Re: Tuesday - Amy Slo Mo Legs/Kathy StretchTo: exercisevideos Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 10:16 PM

I really like that Kathy stretch you did. If she held the stretches just a little longer it would be even better, but I always enjoy doing it and keep forgetting I have it to add on. What are Amy's strength workouts like? I understand she's known for complicated cardio but how about the weight workouts?

Tuesday - Amy Slo Mo Legs/Kathy Stretch

Hi Everyone!

I did Amy's Slo Mo legs workout again this morning. It is a tough workout. I changed up my weights for some of the exercises - for some I lightened up (to get a better range of motion) for other I went heavier than last time to up the intensity that way. I definately felt challenged. For the glute wrap exercise I used an ankleweight and my 12lb body bar and that worked much better for me than the barbell alone. I didn't ahve much DOMS last week, so I'm not sure what to expect for tomorrow.

Afterwards I did the stretch segment from Kathy 's Matrix Walk workout. I love doing yoga, but after a tough workout I often want some basic athletic stretching.

I think for tomorrow I'll do lighter cardio and a longer stretch routine. I want to try Trish Muse's stretch section from her new strength workout. I think it runs 20 minutes. I may give Christi 's Funktional fitness a try for cardio and ab work.

Hope everyone has a great day!Donna

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