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You're so very thougtful. We forget sometimes that every body's keeping up

(reading ) about what's going on our every day lives.

And it means a lot that we really do care about what we go through. Dealing

with this unpredictable afliction is so much to bear but it feels lighter

when we know that we've now got someone to share it (pain & all ) wt. others

that know exactly what it puts us trough.So jeah even our particular joys are

great to share!!

I " ve learned many things since I " ve became cronically ill.

WE change for the best. People that suffer get an extra sense for our fellow

sufferers. We find life has totally different priorities than the rest of

the ABLE bodies.I have a very tender spot in my heart for all trying to endure

just another day in spite of Still's constant threath to pounce our bodies .

I know I can't do much but I decided that I can just let poeple know I care

& if just being there, being king & makes us all feel like we at least have

a very soft spot to land when we need it, makes an OUNCE of differene in ONE

persons lives for the day, then I 've accomplish a lot for the day.(feel the

same reward as if I got to get something done that I've have to let go for

ever aroud the house.) I'ts my emocional trade off or deed. It compensates.

Today you touched me & I that's how I know It works by going around & why I

try to just be there wt. any encouraging words.

I'm soo planing on getting the most out that lil' girl. She's gonna know

when her grandma from Ohio comes

she's gonna be loved & kissed to last till the next trip!

Sorry didn't mean to dump this ALL on you. I just wanted to the group know

that we are good & important

to the group's morale with the simple act of typing kindness.


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2008. (http://citysbest.aol.com?ncid=aolacg00050000000102)

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