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Vivid dreams

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I'm glad someone brought this up. I have been on Atripla (or the drugs that it is made up of individually) for three years and i have had the same experience. On the pro side, its great to just take one pill a day and have no lipodystrophy and have low cholesterol etc...and most importantly the drug is working well in term of virus suppression - but even after three years, i still wake up most (but not all) mornings with this feeling of anxiety from having had these vivid dreams. The dreams are rarely nightmares - for example last week I dreamt that I was Ebenezer Scrooge being visited by the ghost of Christmas Past and i was in a park full of a snow as a child and tobogganing and with laughing kids around me while the words from "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" saying "God and sinners reconciled..."

kept being repeated over and over. It was by no means a bad dream, but I still felt anxious for about half an hour after i woke up.A friend of mine is now taking Viramune and it sounds like it works as well as Sustiva but minus the dreams. I keep meaning to talk to my doctor about switching (if possible), but the problem is that within about an hour of getting out of bed - I feel great and so I don't bother to call the doctor about it because once i feel better it slips my mind that i felt so weird right when I woke up in the morning.I think I have put up with this long enough and its time to see if there are alternatives. in Toronto

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