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Androgel and Testim -- do they really expire?

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I've used some meds a little past the "Use By" date, because I don't think a product "magically" stops working at a certain date and time. However, I'd not use anything too long past the Use By date, especially my HIV meds. For a real response, I'd call the manufacturer of the product.

And just to let you know, I'm using Androgel 4 months past "Use By" date. I think there is a difference in "Use By" and "Expiration Date", at least there is in the world of groceries.

From: jimat41@... <jimat41@...>Subject: Androgel and Testim -- do they really expire? Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008, 9:13 PM

I may have asked this before, I can't remember.I have Androgel and Testim, all I have ever been able to get out of my doc. But some are past their "use by" date. Have they really lost whatever little oomph they had? How long IS the shelf-life of a sealed packet?************ **Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with Tyler Florence" on AOL Food.(http://food. aol.com/tyler- florence? video=4 & ?NCID=aolfod0003000 0000002)

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All medication expires. What does that mean? Different things, but mostly it looses it's potency. It does NOT matter that is a sealed patch or a pill or a liquid. Does it mean you have to go through your cabinet and throw away every drug away the MONTH after it expires. Some would say yes, but I say no. If it is five years old, maybe. Some drugs have a short shelf life. If it does have a very short shelf life, it usually means it really does expire soon. So use your own discrecion when using expired medications. They usually will not cause you harm, unless it is vital you get a fully potent medication.

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