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RE; and figuring out whether to do T/A

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Hi everyone

Heidi I think your post was timely, but I concede it has thrown the

cat amongst the pigeons. I hope we can all " digest " it and all the

posts around it without taking anything too personally - I know that

is not the way anything was intended. I do have a question regarding

your post. You mentionned the NIH talking about asthma and not

going together. I have never heard this before and find this

interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about that. Our son is one

of the many " grey " cases who has had a T/A - 3 years ago and who no

longer fevers, but does still have very significant problems - the

worst being the chronic vomitting and bad headaches which force him to

be homeschooled. He is also followed by a lung doctor for asthma.....

We have seen an infectious diseases doc and rheumy doc and

neurologist for years and they are all throwing their hands up. We're

being passed back to the gastro doc and possibly metabolic docs at the

end of January. The rheumy doc did once tell us that all of this

could be a precursor to an auto-immune disease further down the track

and the gastro-doc suspected Crohn's at one stage but we still have

nothing clear. If you have any more info to give us about what you

hear from the NIH I think it is useful.

By the way, for those asking about surgery with illness my son had a

bad cough and asthma when they did the T/A and they gave him a " flash "

of antibiotics during the surgery. I honestly thought they would

cancel it but they didn't. His recovery was longer than average but

it was fine.

I hope the start to the new year will be a good one for us all.

Debbie - mum to Hans - 14 in February

South of France

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