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Recent experiences with a major chain restaurant...

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Happy New Year,


With it being the holiday season, I hate to be a downer to anyone, but wanted to

share an e-mail I just sent to a major chain restaurant regarding an experience

Steve and I endured while eating a late lunch the other day. To be perfectly

honest, I'm amazed that we did not simply walk out, but we were starving and not

much else was near our final destination. Regardless, the treatment I received

was beyond offensive and never should be endured by another individual.

Unfortunately, in this instance, I was in such disbelief that the events were

actually taking place that I was too quiet and just watched it happen. Now, two

days later, I am ticked and refuse to let it go. Am I wrong?


FYI, my language in the e-mail is not so nice, but could be much worse. Here it

is ...


>>>My experience with this location and it's staff brought about serious

concerns, to the point I will NEVER offer my business again. The staff didn't

acknowledge us for about 15 minutes upon entering, until a manager came to seat

us, but didn't even apologize for us being ignored. The waitress, , needs

some serious sensitivity training pertaining to disabled individuals. I am not

hard to understand, but she kept offering me things other than what I was

ordering, until my husband stepped in to order for me. When trying to order, she

continually rubbed my back, though I don't know what made her think she could

put her hands on me. At last, after waiting roughly 20 minutes to finalize our

check, she stood behind my husband waving goodbye to me like I was a toddler. To

say it was offensive is putting it mildly, but she continued despite my sitting

there in disbelief. I am not a child; I am adult with a physical disability,

obviously with more common

sense and respect for others than ANY of the staff in this location. Please,

tend to this matter and see to it that NO customer ever has to endure such

treatment because he/she stops in for a meal. Thank you...<<<


I¢ll let you know the response. Happy New Year!!!


Amy M.

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