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hey, i am the one who is in michigan and had question about ssdi, i went to my

family doctor today and he is giving me lyrica for the cmt. has anyone else been

on this med?? how did you like it. he is giving me 50 mg two times a day. let

me know. thanks

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Hi friends,

Just a thought, no matter what medications we put into your body, if they are

not naural sustances, they are toxic to our bodies. Please educate yourselves on

natural substances that can have the same results, or better than toxic drugs. I

used to take 7 different medications, and now I drink Xango juice instead, all

natural...let me know if you would like more information, be informed.

Thanks so much!


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Sometimes it is necessary for persons with CMT to take medications. These can

range from antidepressants, pain meds, muscle relaxants and tremor suppressors

for example. Or Lyrica, which is an anti-epileptic like Neurontin. Please make

sure your doctors (all of them if you have more than 1) have a list of

medications contradinicated for CMT, and make sure the doctors understand the

medications may cause worsening of CMT symptoms. Be open and honest with your

doctors about any supplements/vitamins/herbals you are using, as combined with a

prescription medication can also cause adverse effects.

Lyrica is known to help neuropathic pain. However, it is not a treatment for

CMT, nor will it arrest CMT. There have * not * been any studies published on

CMT and Lyrica. For more info please visit




Using your computer, you can find much more about it. Also, use our 10 years of

Archived message posts from others about Lyrica (Pregablin)


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Hi Friends,

I take lots of pharmaceuticals, too. And they have been incredibly helpful.

Opiates and pain signal disruptors keep me out of tears and bed. Omeprazol, the

generic name for prilosec keeps the excess stomach acid in check, buproprion,

the generic name for wellbutrin keeps me from being so depressed I cannot leave

the house.

I'm dubious as to your assertion that drinking some kind of juice is going to

relieve me of all that, and also the anxiety that a goodly dose of clonazepam


Further, " natural substances, " means exactly nothing. Snake venom is a natural

substance, as are arsenic and poison ivy.

The idea that you can solve my problems with your juice is absolutely

ridiculous, and I'll wager everything you have made selling this stuff that all

that would happen is that I would have to go to the bathroom a bit more because

I have had more to drink than usual. That is IF I am actually functional without

the pharmaceuticals to make it to the bathroom. That is how much pain I am in.

If you have the found the answers to the problems posed by neuromuscular

conditions, you are in the wrong place. You need to go to the FDA and a

pharmaceutical company ad arrange for testing and approval. Or you need to go to

a university hospital with your assertions and sell someone there on this

radical new medical discovery. In Amsterdam in 2005-06 I arranged to have magic

mushrooms (legal when fresh at the time) tested to see if, as I thought, they

helped me. The results were subjective, and did not fall outside of the area of

statistical meaninglessness.

Do you mean to suggest that we should just stop our medications, which in some

cases can be fatal, and take up drinking your product because YOU SAY it worked

for you?

What were your symptoms, anyway?


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