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RE: [Remotemedics.co.uk) a new year gift to all

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Dear All,

Just thought as its a new year you all deserve the chance of a life changing

opportunity click here-


You Can do this anywhere in the world.

Happy New year.

PS. Please Forward

@...: junkmail4sal@...: Tue, 30

Dec 2008 19:42:22 +0000Subject: RECRUITING NOTICE

I am recruiting for a PSS/Medic position in Port-au-Prince, Republic of Haiti.

This is a joint U.S./Haitian owned commercial operation.This is an armed

Protective Security position in a hostile country. Medical operations are a

secondary responsibility but vital to the mission.Those without high threat

environment experience need not apply. You MUST be capable of operating very

independently and with minimal infrastructure. There are no reliable hospitals

or police. The only functional military is the UN-MINUSTAH mission (Brazil,

Canada, Jordan, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast). We have emergency contacts

within UN but they must not be relied upon.18D, IDC, PJ, IDM, or EMT-P/T are the

skill-sets desired.Term:1 yearSchedule:6 weeks on, 10 days off(actually works

out to about 40d+travel/10d off at home)Pay:$6875 USD monthly$1400 USD per

diem$1500 USD quarterly bonus on performanceSIGNIFICANT tax benefits!Housing,

Utilities, Transportation, Fuel, Communications:All providedMedical

equipment:You provide the bag, we'll stock it with LOCALLY AVAILABLE supplies

(usually French)... Or bring your own and we'll restock from locally available

goods.This location is 45 minutes from Santo Domingo, DR and 2 hours from

Miami.eMail me directly with any questions before sending your resume or CV.Sal



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