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wd: MD Coalition for Vaccine Choice

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FYI from another list:

Begin forwarded message:


> Dr. Boyd Haley has developed a new medicine which was FDA approved

> for mercury and (also gets out lead) poisoning. He needs funding.

> Many children could benefit from this. My Joe, who is 21, is on it

> now. It is called OSR. He has asked for our help. We are asking

> MARC and Mercury Free land and hoping this group to make a

> donation, it can be $5 to Chesapeake Victories, the link is below.

> All the funds given by two this afternoon will be sent today. Any

> money sent by today by groups or individuals will be listed as the

> founding donors of this. If you don't know who Dr. Haley is, our

> children would not be as far as they are today without his research

> and courage. He came, a few years back to testify for the land

> children and tried to help us get our bills against mercury

> containing vaccines. Even Dr. Neal Halsey, siddaddled when Dr.

> Haley's presence was known. He is the top expert on mercury in the

> United States and probably the world. Please help. We are trying to

> reach a goal of twenty donors, by two this afternoon. We purchased

> OSR in August for Joe and several of the children are on it. If we

> can offer a donation we could find out the newest cutting edge

> research by being part of this study. I know everyone is strapped

> after the holidays. This is about the future of the health of many

> children. I have seen dozens of Urinary Porphyrin Tests and almost

> every childn also has lead poisoning with mercury toxicity. Joe is

> 21 years old. He already has improved. Before when he watched

> football, he understood a touchdown, tackle, very basic principles.

> Now, he watches all the games, understands time out, who is hurt,

> pennalties, it is unbelievable. Please help with this crucial

> research. Elaine



> From: BeckyLSimpson


> Hello everyone!


> As you know Dr. Boyd Haley is now fundraising to continue his work

> on the OSR product that is helping a number of individuals. His

> wish is

> that no one goes without treatment because of cost.

> http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/12/cti-science-foundation-where-

> autism-treatment-meets-generosity.html


> Elaine Dow has offered to put together a collaborative effort from our

> state through Chesapeake VICTORIES via pay pal. * Our deadline is *

> *tomorrow, Wednesday, by 2:00 p.m.*


> Our goal is to get 20 contributors to this effort, even if only for

> $5 each.

> Please join us by clicking on the link below:

> http://www.chesapeakevictories.org/16.html


> Thank you!


> Becky


> p.s. If you're from outside of land, your support is greatly

> appreciated! :)



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