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Washers and dryers

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Hello again.

Why is it, or how is it that these things seem to be able to live

through the washing and drying of clothing and bedding? Is it that the

water has to be a certain temperature or that the dryer has to be hot


I just moved into a new place. Currently, I have no washer or dryer.

Unfortunately, I am carrying my clothes, bedding, etc. next door to the

neighbor's house to wash and dry. They only use the cold water. The hot

water is not even connected to the machine! The dryer does not seem to

get very hot. Wow! Am I in trouble.

The protocol I used to follow before I moved in here seemed to at least

keep them at bay. Since I have been here- barely a week- the

infestation has become a nightmare all over again. It has simply taken

off- exploded! I have just given up the idea that I am ever going to

sleep at night again. I am contemplating homelessness.

Any suggestions? Am I right? HOT HOT water for the wash and a HOT HOT

dryer to dry will work?

Thank you all again. God bless you.

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