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Bath Therapy - Instant Ocean

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My ongoing plan for nuking the mites combines internal & external

body detoxification strategies. Besides the herbal tea face wash &

poultices on sores, my primary external detox method is sea water

baths. An ancient tradition, these have proven immensely beneficial.

These baths are as close as I can come to being in the ocean without

actually doing so – made up with Instant Ocean reef aquarium salt to

ocean specs. Bathing in this artificial sea water is like being a kid

again playing in the shallows – relaxing, refreshing & cleansing.

Always believed in the healing power of the sea…

Years ago used Dead Sea salts but never felt I could get the ratio of

salt to water right - didn't taste like the oceans I've known. Likely

because the Dead Sea salts are much more concentrated than ocean


Tried the Epsom salt baths but found them much less effective than

the ocean baths & very dehydrating & physically energy draining.

But they did draw stuff out.

What's working so much better for me are the artificial ocean baths

using this Instant Ocean reef salt:


aspx?id=1294 & cid=964

My husband bought some online from PetSmart with free shipping on

orders over $50:


productId=2754110 & utm_source=cse & utm_medium=googleproduct & mr:trackingC

ode=7D669DBD-0975-DD11-98CA-001422107090 & mr:referralID=NA

Will need the Hydrometer shown on the same page to know when you've

got the salt in solution to match ocean specs – easy to use, just dip

in the water & read the gauge.

You can also buy this at any local pet store that sells salt water

fish. Comes in smaller amounts but this bucket size makes up into

160 gallons of artificial sea water. Weighs about 50 pounds.

I don't take these baths Hot – just warm – like being in the sea

would be. Find half an hour a good time to soak, though relief is

instant. Have stayed an hour with no ill effects. These baths don't

tire me out at all. I use no soap - just bath brushes to clean &

massage the skin. Experimented with rinsing afterwards or not & took

to rinsing. But I've been wearing my Buzz Off clothing continuously

since my first mite attack so the protection of a salted skin isn't

necessary for me. I bathe once a day whether I feel the need or not.

First thing is opening my eyes underwater & putting my head back so

my face is under the surface. Cleans my eyes, ears & nose & keeps

them clear for long periods – at least a day. I do this before

anything fouls the water.

When I began these baths a month ago, could barely believe all the

junk that wound up in the water with me! A full inch along the tub

sides of small brown whisker shavings, an edge scum of beige-grey

small sandy particles with the appearane of clay sludge, thin " hairs "

that looked like baby fuzz & didn't match any natural hair on my

body, tons of black & brown specks & pearly or golden tiny orbs & the

ocassional small fruit fly-type bug. If you need to prove to an

unbeliever that there's really something going on with you, the used

bathwater may be your physical proof.

After the first 7 baths, the quantity of junk reduced considerably.

Felt I could track my detox progress by the amount & variety released

in the water. Days I felt down, more debris invariably showed up in

the bath. I wipe off the tub sides with papertowels often as the scum

deposits there & stay in till very little or no more shows up.

Now find I can reuse the bath to get more mileage out of it & have it

ready any time by letting a little water out when I'm done & then

running more hot water in when I want to bathe again. Then can check

the salt level with the hydrometer & add more if necessary. Spacing

the baths at least 12 hours apart lets me believe that any previously

live material in the salt water would be dead by the time I get in

again. At any rate, never felt a bite in the bath (and I'm

hypersensitive) whether the bath was freshly made or reused. Nor

discovered anything that appeared alive.

Also found I could rub off a thin layer of " superglue " scabs after

they've softened in the bath. Putting the scabs against the air jets

in the tub accelerates this. Rubbing them off with papertowels rather

than fingers proves more productive.

My helpful husband took a piece of Styrofoam insulation board from

Lowe's & made a cover for the tub just by cutting around the faucet,

which keeps the water from evaporating, getting dusty or adding to

the humidity in the bathroom.

Although our dogs seem unaffected & get their Frontline Plus &

heartworm meds monthly, we put them in the Instant Ocean baths after

my used bathwater has sat 12 hours & before we discard it. They stay

in for 10 minutes (or as long as possible before they get really

antsy) while we pour the water over their heads to saturate them.

They go out in the yard to air dry. Can't say if this has been

therapeutic for them or not, but they like it & seem energized


Just read an interesting article on Transdermal (through the skin)

Therapy that mentions sea baths & other helpful methods:


About to go bathe in the ocean...Best wishes, Sue

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