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Anything that you send out uninvited is considered by most people to

be spam. Anything that is sent multiple times is spam.

I will address each of your questions:

1. Thioproline and Qualamycin is not a particularly interesting

chemotherapy combination. Tens of thousands of such combinations are

tried and forgotten. If this was actually researched then you could

certainly find out the results by spending half a day on the

telephone and/or filing a request under Freedom of Information. Even

this can be expedited by going to your congressional representative's

office and asking them to do it for you.

2. You are making unwarranted assumptions with this

question. Without evidence you are assuming outstanding results in

phase 3 trials. This is a technical matter and presidents leave such

things to technical advisors within the appropriate agencies. Cancer

research is such an expansive enterprise that every week something

extremely exciting is discovered. Each discovery is a shiny new

brick that is tentatively positioned in the edifice.

3. There is nothing particularly interesting about the anticancer

properties of mushrooms. Why? It is because almost every plant has

chemicals that either inhibit or promote cancer. Mushrooms are part

of adjuvant nutrition in cancer therapy throughout the world. If you

Google it you will find thousands of marketers of anticancer

mushrooms. There are no secrets here. The US government would only

be concerned if the marketing was fraudulent or if the mushrooms were toxic.

4. It would be unforgivably presumptuous of me to speak for Dr.

Schally, but making grandiose statements is not part of the culture

of science. " Cure " is not a word that fits comfortably in the

oncology lexicon. It is a word that is used by fund raisers,

marketers, charlatans, and then there is the popular use of the term

by people who are unaware of the complexity of the disease.

As a librarian you should be skilled at the necessary archival

research to retrieve the results of any thioproline cancer studies at

US military hospitals. Please do your basic homework before

continuing with your accusations and demands.

Gammill, Director

Center for the Study of Natural Oncology

Solana Beach, California

At 05:11 AM 1/27/2006, mhr1940@... wrote:

>On 1/19, I mailed my 11 pages of research to (among others) -


> Seleen

>Dr. i

>Katharina Gutsche

>Kees Braam

>Dr. Munro-Hall


>Bob Hurt

>Dr. Mukaisho

>Dr. Ahn

>Roe Golio

> Vermeulen

> Blau


>Dr. Schally

>Dr. Tseng

>Phil Best


> and Roe tell me that they have not yet received it.


>I am assuming that the mail is a little bit slower because the Post Office

>is checking to see if the proper postage amount was stamped on after

>the rates had been increased.




>I will mail them to you again


>A Congressional Investigation is needed; here are a few questions

>that should be asked -


>1. Was Dr. Gosalvez' anti-cancer procedure a success in U.S.

>Military Hospitals from 1990 to 2000?

> This procedure includes 98% Thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid

> and Quelamycin (a form of Doxorubicin).

>2. If so, were President Bush (41) and President Bush (43) notified?

>3. What effort will the National Cancer Institute (NCI) make to

>alert the world to the

> " lost " NCI report (Jong & Donovick) which says that many

> mushrooms are anti-cancerous?

>4. Why didn't Dr. Schally call for a clinical trial after his

>January, 1997 report indicated that

> AN-257 is possibly the cure for cancer? AN-257 includes 7%

> Thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid and

> 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin (a form of Doxorubicin).


> S. , The Cure for Cancer? , cures for cancer.ws/tac-cure.htm


>Post Script - The 11 pages begin -


> " Have President H.W. Bush (41) and President W. Bush (43)

>NOT BEEN TOLD about a possible cancer cure by the

>U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI)?


>P.S.S. - Attention Gammill - Do you consider this a " Spam " ?



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