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Re: I have CLL

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Hello Heidi and :

I have tried to follow the " rules " about personal

sympathies, responding privately to the individual,

etc. but have gotten mailerdemons when I try to send a

direct response. This has happened a few times now.

Please advise, as I was trying to reach Heidi.



--- HKlein7300@... wrote:

> Hi

> I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago by my oncologist in

> New Jersey. I was on a

> watch and wait program. Last year I found out I had

> a very very high protein

> level in my urine. After many tests and a kidney

> biopsy it was determined

> by my urologist, Dr. Kabis, that I had

> glomernephritis and she believed it was

> a direct result of my CLL. I was told I would have

> to go on chemo a

> cocktail of 3 chemo drugs. I went to see my main

> oncologist Dr. Morton , in

> Manhattan. He agreed but told me to also see Dr.

> Sherman (urologist) in his

> building, both are with Cornell Medical Center.

> After seeing Dr. Sherman he

> discussed with Dr. to try a less aggressive

> course and first try

> Rituxin. I took Rituxin over a month and I had

> great results. My protein went

> back to normal and my white count even went to

> normal. My white count is now

> increasing, but my protein is staying within normal

> levels. I have been told

> that I probably will need to repeat the Rituxin

> treatments again, but not

> for another 6 months or even a year. It all

> depends on my counts. Thanks to

> Dr. and Dr. Sherman consulting with each

> other I was able to avoid

> aggressive chemo and its effects. If anyone shares

> what I went through I hope

> it helps you as well.


> I would also like to speak to anyone who has or is

> still suffering from

> depression as a result of being diagnosed with CLL.

> I'm on depression medication

> as I find day to day acceptance of my illness quite

> difficult. I feel like

> I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Any

> suggestions or

> encouragement would be appreciated.

> Sincerely

> Helen

> hklein73200@...

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> know what is making

> headlines.

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