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Marilyn's Crackers RECIPES for the WEEK 12/5 Have a great SCdiet week-end�

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Herb Parmesan Crackers, (Zucchini Base)3 cups well-drained zucchini pulp2 1/4 cups freshly grated Parmesan cheese(about 4 ounces weight or 110 grams)½ cup fresh parsley, finely chopped -or- 1/4 cup dry1/4 cup fresh chives, finely chopped -or- 2 tablespoons freeze dried1/2 teaspoon dry oregano -or- 2 teaspoons fresh finely chopped1/2 teaspoon dry thyme -or- 2 teaspoons fresh1/2 teaspoon baking sodapinch of salt2 extra large eggs3 Tablespoons melted butter3/4 cup dry curd cottage cheese8 cloves of garlic

pressedCombine zucchini pulp, cheese, herbs and baking soda and salt in a bowl. Blend the eggs, butter, dry curd cottage cheese (or dripped yogurt ) and pressed garlic in a processor or blender until very, very smooth. Add to the seasoned zucchini pulp and mix together. You will have a moderately thick batter.To bake zucchini-based crackers, you'll need at least 4 twelve-muffin muffin tins. I use industrial size 24 muffin pans, and have four of them so that I can have two in the oven and two filled and ready to go into the oven. Mine are non-stick ones; if using regular ones, butter

well. (My niece says, "Don't bother with ordinary ones; it will drive you crazy. I buttered mine within an inch of their lives and the stuff still stuck. Save yourself some frustration and start with good quality non-stick tins to begin with." So you may take that for what it is worth from someone who tested this recipe in standard muffin tins.) The dough from these will be very wet, almost a batter consistency, but not quite. Using the cookie scoop, place dollops of batter/dough in each muffin cup. Using a moistened finger or the damp back of a spoon, spread the batter out evenly over the bottom of each cup.Bake in a very slow oven, 215 F for about two hours. The object is to get the egg set up and drive out as much of the remaining zucchini water as possible without burning the crackers.Remove proto-crackers from muffin pans by spinning them out. Arrange crackers on dehydrator trays, and dehydrate at 135 F until dry and crispy. Part way

through the drying, you will despair of them ever becoming a good snack, as they will seem very oily and soggy. Give them another 5-6 hours to dry, and they will become surprisingly crispy.If you do not have the muffin tins, it may be possible to make these by placing dollops of batter on a flat cookie sheet and then spreading them out to a consistent thinness with your finger. It will be hard to get a consistent shape or size this way, however.If you do not have a dehydrator, it may be possible to dry the crackers in the oven by arranging them on flat cookie sheets, and returning to the oven at the absolute lowest temperature yours will go, in other words, as close to 135 F as you can get.Variations:I have so far made this recipe with the drained zucchini pulp, and with properly prepared bean paste. I suspect that it could be made with any vegetable which has been cooked soft, puréed, and drained. I will be experimenting with a

Cajun style cracker, and a Mexican cheese crunch.The bean paste crackers are the closest to well-done almond flour crackers, but I think that because of the fact that legumes can be so problematical for SCDers that I would not recomend them for anyone who is not yet well on the way to healing.I have also made this recipe without the DCCC or yogurt cheese and omitting the parmesan for a dairy-free version. It comes out pretty well, although the taste is a little flat without the parmesan. (Maybe someone can suggest something to add?)I can't figure out how to do it egg-free, although there's a possibility that gelatin might do the trick.Wizop Marilyn L. Alm louisianascdlagniappe@...

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