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Re: Raising ferritin- anyone used floradix or spatone?

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You might have a job raising your iron level enough with Spatone and floridix at 10 mgs. I think you will need a much more potent dose and with a ferritin level of only 11, you need to move this up as quickly as you can. Your ferritin should be around 70 to 90 for you to feel good. Your Armour will not work properly until your iron level has been built up. What does your GP suggest and have you considered first giving yourself a boost with some elemental iron such as Ferrous Sulphate 200mgs. You really need this dose twice (and some people take it three times) a day. If it is best to take it in the morning, then swap the way you take your Armour. More and more doctors are recommending that thyroid hormone replacement is best taken at night, so you might want to experiment and take your iron first thing, when you wake and again at mid-day and your Armour at 4.00p.m. and again when you go to bed. You must also take LARGE doses of Vitamin C - about 2000mgs.

Have a look at our website www.tpa-uk.org.uk and click on 'Hypothyroidiosm' then 'associated conditions' and then 'ferritin'.

Luv - Sheila

Hi everyone, I have a ferritin level of 12 and need to raise my ferritin levels. Has anyone used spatone or floradix or anything similar to help raise their ferritin levels. Dr P recommended spatone but I forgot to ask how much per day to take, says tone or two on the packet. Also, as I multi-dose Armour (one at breakfast and at lunch too), I am only able to take iron in the evening and bedtime, floradix recommend taking it at breakfast and teatime, do you think that's ok? They are liquid iron so better absorbed, provide 10mg iron a serving but much higher absorption rate that tablets. Don't know if the stated doses will be enough to raise ferritin as they are meant to be supplements rather than treatment. Any ideas? Ruth x

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Hi Ruth,

Try Galfer Syrup (mint chocolate flavour)or Fersamal Syrup (orange

flavour). They both contain ferrous fumerate and, from experience, I

can say they are very kind on the guts and much better absorbed than

pill form.

They are disgustingly sickly and you have to take care to clean your

teeth well otherwise you end up with black teeth! Other forum

members have suggested drinking it through a straw. I just washed

mine down with fizzy high dose vitamin C.

Mine came on on prescription thought I'm not sure if you can simply

buy the stuff over the counter. Its worth asking though, especially

as it works so will be money well spent! My ferritin levels raised

by about 2 points each week I took it at the 4 tsp per day.

I started out with a ferritin level at 18 and now it is 187, having

jumped from 52 to 187 in the same 3 months of my throxine trial. I'm

not taking any iron at the moment as I want to see what the next

blood test shows up and use it to work out if I need to supplement.


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I was interested to see how fast your ferritin level increased Tracey, I have been taking ferrous fumerate (tablets) & 1000mg vitamin C daily since Feb. & have only gone from level of 19 to 30 in that time. The nutritionist that I see was keen for me to stop extra iron if possible as she says that it interferes with Zinc absorption?? Does anyone know how long it is likely to take to get ferritin to a more acceptable level?

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My sister's GP advised her to expect to raise the ferritin level by 2

points per week if on an optimum dose and absorbing it properly.

I have never got on with iron supplements in tablet form - in fact my

ferritin levels have ben known to fall even further on them! The

success on the liquid supplements was a major breakthrough.

In my opinion the jump from 52 to 187 is not normal especially as I

was actually taking a much lower dose of iron supplement than in the

previous 3 months. I had expected my ferritin level to sensibly be

around 70 to 80.

I wondered whether 10 years of untreated hypothyroidism had impacted

on my body's ability to absorb iron and, once treated, my body was

more able to absorb iron again. Incidentally, raising my iron to 52

had not improved my TSH levels which continued to rise. So in my case

thyroid malfunction seemed to affect my iron rather than low ferritin

levels compromising my thyroid function.


Does anyone know how long it is likely to take to get ferritin to a

more acceptable level?


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