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Herniated Disk

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Hi ,  I had spinal stenosis surgery 3 months ago.  I would suggest you see

an Neuro surgeon instead of an ortho.  I was told by my primary Dr that when you

are dealing with the spinal cord the surgery is very delicate and a Neuro

surgeon is needed.  I went to Memorial Hospital in Miami, but there is

one in ville, as well.  The are the best SPinal Care Trama Center in the

World.  The care was wonderful and the Surgeons are top notch.  I had Mri's that

where so detailed.  I had many before but not to this extent.  The Surgeon view

the MRI right then and there.  Everything is coordinated down to the minute.  I

was very pleased with the care and App't's.  The Epidural injection do not last

long enough for relief and the problem still exists afterwards.  The Surgeon is

the best to address your pain until your surgery because they know exactly what

you are feeling and what drugs work the best.  Good Luck, Marie

From: nshantz100 <nestrange@...>

Subject: Herniated disk

spinal problems

Date: Friday, June 5, 2009, 1:30 PM

Hi, I am and am 62. I had a MRI about 6 weeks ago the results are: Several

levels of disk disiccation appreciated with annular disk bulding noted at L2-3

and posterior disk herniations seen at L3-4 and L4-5. Severe spinal canal

stenosis at L3-4 and modeate spinal canal stenosis appreciated at L4-5.

Bilateral foraminal narrowing at L3-4 and L4-5. I have been refered to an Ortho

doctor whom I have not heard back from yet.

I am limited on my use of pain meds being allergic to Ibupropin and Naproxin.

Even aspirin has some effect. (I break out in small skin blisters that has the

appearence of chicken pox)

Any sugestions on how to get som relief? I have been monitering this site and

there is a host of information.


west central Florida

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