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I've been reading the uproar to the M-word being used and I have to

say I'm a bit confused by the reaction. I'm not an LP but I am the

parent of one. I do understand that it's an offensive term and I also

understand that LP's wanted to be treated as eaquals to AH people.

Education is the only thing that you can offer someone that doesn't

know about the proper terms to use when talking about dwarfs or

dwarfism. If they don't take the knowledge and use it there really is

nothing more that you can do but write it off as " just one of those

things " that you have no control over. I'm a firm believer that words

only hurt if you let them. If it wasn't directed towards you then why

be offened? Not everone knows much about dwarfism, I didn't untill I

became a mother to one. I am guilty of useing the M-word not knowing

any better. I'm don't pretend to know what it is like to try to live

in a world that wasn't made to fit me, but I also don't pretend that

life isn't hard no matter what your size is.

Find your place and be happy with who you are and what you do, it's

only your opinion of yourself that relly matters.


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