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I do not know exactly how Mr. used the word Midget, but it is

imperative if an inference is to be made that he is even further

more a bigot by using the word. If Mr. was to say, A) " So Im

standing in a room and a bunch of midgets are in the room with

me.... " or B) " So I find out that this guy who is running against me

is a midget... " There is actually a difference in the two examples

of how the word is used. The first example is descriptive, it

triggers in the listeners mind a very vivid picture of the idea

Mr. is trying to convey. There actually is no harm in the use

of the word in that form. The second example is predjudicial because

it is descriptive of the person, what he wants his listener to know

first and foremost is the physical disposition of his adversary.

This is prejudicial. If you look in the dictionary which I have,

Webster's Collegiate circa 1994, you will see that there is 2

definitions. The First very clearly states offensive, but then the

second states a perfect miniature version of something. As any LP

who has worked in show business knows, Lp's with proportional

features, land more work than Achon's. The reason for this is

artistic because it applies to the concept of being a miniature

version of something. Viewers will more likely apply the thought

that " oh its a midget " in this situation. Achons have a pronounced

forum magnum and a deviated septum that cannot be inferred as a

miniature version of something. The looks infer a condition that has

caused that person to be small. Before you get all bothered by the

words use know that it does have legitimate value to the english

language in proper form. Comparing it to Ni***r or Maconka is not

always appropriate. LPA can say " we view it as offensive when you

place it foremos in describing us as individuals " , but your never

going to get it to become taboo to say because it has descriptive


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