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The Academy of Energetic Sciences, Inc.

& The International Center for

Advanced Quantum Studies


An Advanced 2 Day Clinical Training Seminar with Dr. Small

and an evening with

Suzan Covington

This Training is for Licensed or Certified Healthcare Practitioners*

(If you have a Biofeedback Certification you need 6 months with the device and a minimum of 100 patients/clients.)

This is an IMUNE accredited training and you will receive CEU's from IMUNE.

Limited Enrollment

When: August 9 – 10, 2008 (Registration ends 8/5)

Where: Los Angeles, CA (exact location to follow

and will be near the LAX Airport)

What: Decoding the Matrix - How to achieve the best results with your patients/clients using the EPFX" and, the ever powerful protocol "Releasing Negative Thinking (Karma)".

Cost: $395, add your partner/spouse for $345

(See the registration form at the end of this document)

Trainers: Dr. Small and Suzan Covington

Shifting your perception, languaging and use of the EPFX.

Decoding the Matrix: The Matrix is the key to the EPFX. Understanding the Matrix allows the practitioner to design a comprehensive program for their patient/client to balance any health condition that is present. Dr. Small's success rate is above 90% treating his patients with conditions as severe as 4th stage cancers and chronic Lyme disease in as little as 6 weeks. Dr. Small will present live Case Studies in class with a Clinical hands-on approach.

He is responsible for the inclusion of many of the items in the current test Matrix. Dr.

Small will also teach a comprehensive understanding of many of the items in the Matrix

along with explanations of how and when to use the thousands of remedies encoded within to assist your patients/clients in achieving long term balance and health on all

levels with even the most difficult of cases!

This is an essential class for anyone who is serious about getting the best results with their device. Attendees are eligible for 16 CEU's for attending this class.

Releasing Negative Thinking (Karma): Take this emotional journey as you release emotional traumas from your past. It is time to raise your vibrations to hold more peace, balance and harmony in your every day life. Once you feel this within yourself, you will be more equipped to assist your patients/clients on their journey of self-fulfillment. This will be a course filled with deep self awareness and introspection.

Your trainer for this experience is Suzan Covington. Attendees are eligible for 2 CEU's for attending this class.

Benefits of attending this seminar will be your participation in the New at-home EPFX Personal Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Program Highlights:

Ø Dr. Small will work directly with you, the practitioner

Ø Special assistance with your difficult patients/clients

Ø Dr. Small will work with you one-on-one via e-mail/internet live

Ø Similar to a long distance biofeedback internship

This mentoring program has been likened to the way all healthcare practitioners go through their specialty schooling, whether it be physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, nurses, massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists, etc. After they have completed their core training for the designated number of years, they all have a period of internship where they receive one-on-one guidance from an experienced instructor.

This style of mentoring is called Clinic Time. Dr. Small will be your instructor/mentor monitoring the quality of your biofeedback sessions. He will oversee what you are doing; making sure it is in alignment, and the most effective and the best for your client/patient. Through this process, you will get clearer and clearer what to do and this is FREE for you by attending this special seminar!

In this hands-on classroom style training:

The foundation of this teaching is the clinical application for decoding the Matrix and how to use the device to its full capabilities. In class, Dr. Small will work with live cases, showing you how he goes from Point A, to Point B, to Point Z, etc. so that at the end of your session the person has a complete understanding of what they have to do to bring their patient/client into a resolution of their health condition.

He will also pick many different types of degenerative processes and go through them in detail with you. This special instruction will take Dr. Small approximately 1 hour per each clinical case.


Your Classroom Schedule:

We will start Saturday morning at 8:30 am for registration and end the day at 6 pm with an hour and a half lunch break.

Saturday evening with Suzan's protocol starting at 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

Sunday we start at 9 am and end at 4 pm with a one hour lunch break.

Products Will Be Available:

Quantum Solutions will have a fabulous line of professional nutraceuticals for you and your patients/clients.

The Instructors

Dr. Small

Dr. Small has been in private practice for the past 30 years in the field of Preventive, Nutritional and Orthomolecular Medicine. He has been successfully using the EPFX in his practice since 1999. He is the author of the soon to be released compendium "Decoding the Matrix, The Essential Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of the EPFX/SCIO". Dr. Bill has called Dr. Small one of the most knowledgeable practitioners of the EPFX in the world today. He is a Quantum Master, a Certified IMUNE Instructor and has been the Keynote Speaker at the World Congresses in Cancun, Budapest, rita Beach, Puerto Vallarta and Amsterdam along with Dr. Bill . Dr. Small established the first Quantum Mentoring Program for EPFX practitioners. He hosts a weekly national radio health talk show and appears on TV and in magazines about his work with many high profile celebrities in his practice in Los Angeles which has garnered him the title, Doctor to the Stars.

Suzan Covington

Suzan is a Master Advanced Trainer and Certified Trainer for EPFX Ltd./Eclosion Budapest and IMUNE Advanced Certified Trainer. She was personally trained and the second person to be certified by Professor . For the past 30 years she has worked with alternative doctors in research and education and for many years owned her own Alternative Health Clinic. Having worked with thousands of people over the years and being a practitioner herself, has given her very deep insight into the EPFX. She is the only authorized instructor of the Releasing Negative Thoughts "Karma" Protocol, of which she, with Professor 's assistance, created and produced with the corresponding buttons in the EPFX. And, her newest addition, which is found in the Face and Body Scan program, the buttons "Bring Divine Light to the Pineal" and "Harmonize Divine Light". Again, she and Professor worked together to bring this very important aspect of our spiritual and physical well being into the software program for our continual growth and development. It is her dream to help assist people to being connected within themselves and very successful with the EPFX and their business.

What some attendees are saying about Dr. Small's seminars:

"Dr. Small's class in "Decoding the Matrix" is an exceptional course. I learned in the short span of a weekend, an in-depth understanding of the matrix. I look forward to healing my patients with the expert knowledge and experience you shared with us" Dr. Shahina Larsen, M.D.

"I am so grateful for being with Dr. Small the past few days. The training was beyond excellent and the value of it was so apparent that I had a real life validation the very next day when I read the matrix on my partner. We practitioners are so lucky to have him teaching us. What a gift to learn how to use this instrument. Now I feel I am starting to think about how to put together a treatment plan for someone rather than follow a good cookbook protocol. It makes me feel so much more empowered and excited by the potential of what I can do as a practitioner. I look forward to many more trainings with him." Dr. Nicky Silver, D.C.

"I really enjoyed Dr. Small's seminar. I feel like I have been shown how to use the EPFX the right way for the very first time. I've had mine for four years and never felt like I was getting the results I was promised I would get. Thank you again for your time and your incredible skill and knowledge. I am excited about becoming the kind of practitioner I know I can be." Kala

"Thank you so much. I just want to add that I have a very busy practice and that the seminar Dr. Small gave has totally changed the way I work." Dr. Sophie , MD

"In a nutshell….My eyes have been opened. Dr. Small's use of the matrix in discerning underlying causes and predispositions in a patient, that are responsible for the symptoms presented, appeals to my need for logical cause and effect relationships. Although I have enjoyed all the other training sessions and seminars I attended in the past, I feel this has been the Best seminar I have attended to this date. It has been a break-through experience for me and will change the way I practice." Dr. Jim Holton

"The Matrix class was way beyond my expectations. Dr. Small has enlightened me with a new way to look at the Matrix and what to do with that info. He answered All of my questions, shares enormous amounts of info and had excellent handouts for our future reference. I have come away from this course able to be more effective and confident. This course should be part of the training of all Quantum Practitioners." Patti

"Dr. Small continues to amaze me with his knowledge of the EPFX and the human condition. No matter your experience with the device, you will benefit from attending his course. Another awesome weekend" son

"After being in Quantum Biofeedback for about 6 years, it was positively most effective to have Dr. Small let us know how beneficial it is to use the "whole" Matrix as it should be used. This course should be the "standard" for All future training sessions of Quantum practitioners." Herb Stockman

"Simply the Best seminar I've been to! A very informative way of looking at the Matrix. It will definitely change the way I now use the EPFX." Bachmeier

"I have been using the EPFX for 5 years and have trained with some of the best out there. I gained more skill from Dr. Small's class than any other instructor, bar none. Dr. Small's liberal sharing of his knowledge, his patience and down to earth approach, are so appreciated. Everyone who has an EPFX needs to take this course with Dr. Small." Theresa Peers

"Dr. Small is truly teaching the proper way to teach all practitioners who are operating the EPFX. Anyone owning an EPFX should, without a doubt, attend his classes in order to learn what the beginner and advanced classes are failing to teach us. His knowledge of Medicine and the human body are outstanding and you will be completely satisfied with his teaching techniques. It will add a whole new dimension to your therapy sessions. The test matrix has been a very overwhelming part of the EPFX for many of us who are practitioners, but with Dr. Small's training you will be able to utilize it to its fullest potential." Dr. lin, M.D.

"Dr. Small's seminar brought clarity to me and simplified the process of working with a client and accessing core information. This seminar should be taken by Every EPFX practitioner." Donna Woodworth

"After attending Dr. Small's class, I now know that I have the knowledge and confidence to effectively guide my clients in obtaining optimum health. I wish this information would have been available when I started, but with an open mind, I now feel I have obtained the whole picture. I am grateful." Lowther

"This seminar has been incredibly informative. I can't believe there hasn't been more of this kind of information available earlier on for every practitioner. It is very necessary. I plan to be part of his new Mentoring Program. I want to sit on his shoulder and absorb all of his knowledge. I am eager to get back to my office and change the way I "balance" my clients." Colleen

"Dr. Small has put the credibility into doing this whole process of scanning with the EPFX and diligently distilling the information into plausible scenarios with a structure of solutions and directions of care that CAN successfully restore a client's health most expediently. This Seminar is what I was looking for! Thank you." Faye Whittaker

"This class has cleared up the Matrix mystery and now to be able to put it to work will be the ultimate gift to my clients. This information is vital for the continuation of our very existence of this planet. Thank you Dr. Small." Price-Albers, R.N.

"Dr. Small's training session is invaluable. I have felt that there was a void in understanding what I was looking at, when I look at the information in the various screens. His method has given me more confidence in how to work with clients, and to know what to do with those whose information indicates serious conditions, and refer them to a more qualified practitioner. Thank you so much." Kathy Fry

"Dr. Small's workshop has opened the door to detecting the "core of the case" and full potential for future SCIO analysis work in my clinic. This course is essential for all practitioners. Thank you for sharing your professional experiences associated with the EPFX and for the time you have devoted into this work for us all! I traveled all the way from New Zealand to Los Angeles to take this class." Dr. Helen Hope, N.D.

"I am an R.N. and have worked in a hospital for years and have relied on blood tests and x-rays to evaluate patient status. When I started using the device to "zap" my patients I didn't feel or see it was effective. I came to the conclusion it was too "woo-woo" for me and stopped using it for 2 years. After attending your course, I am now re-motivated to using my EPFX and getting to the "meat and potatoes" of it with all of the great information you taught us. Thank you so much" Angie Crompton, R.N.

"I am thankful to be part of the seminar Decoding the Matrix. I now feel that I have the rest of the story and will be 100% more effective with my clients. Thank you for sharing your many years of experience." Jenks

Who and What is IMUNE:

IMUNE exists to offer educational resources in natural medicine. It is modeled on an "Open University" structure to provide access to a reservoir of natural medicine knowledge. IMUNE offers a broad spectrum of course syllabuses, examinations and qualifications to service the interests of all students interested in natural medicine.The overriding intent is to provide accessible, flexible and affordable education and qualification of a high standard.IMUNE's purpose is to:

Create, support and monitor high standards of education

Enable natural Medicine practitioners to gain valuable qualifications for future regulation of Natural Medicine

Specifically IMUNE facilitates:

The development of Course Syllabuses

Co-creates assessment procedures to ensure integrity of learning

Operates the assessment process

Issues Qualifications including:

International Licenses

Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Qualifications

Enables study for Continuing Education and Professional Development requirements.

Registration Form

To register over the phone please call 805-484-2781

To register and pay with a credit card via fax – fax to 805-491-3635

To pay by mail and use a credit card or check payable to: Academy of Energetic Sciences, Inc. send this form to the Academy of Energetic Sciences, Inc, 5235 Mission Oaks Blvd., #372, Camarillo, CA 93012

___ $395 (registration ends 8/5) ___ Add a Partner/Spouse for $345

Please print how you wish your name to appear on your Training Certificate:


Number of people attending ____ Today's date: _____________

My name: ______________________________________________

My address: ____________________________________________

City: ___________________________State: _______ZIP: _______

My phone: _____________________ Cell/Fax: ________________

My e- mail address: ______________________________________

Credit Card Information:

I authorize you to charge to my credit card $ ________________

Visa / MC / Discover ________________________________________

Expiration Date: ____/____ CVV/CID#___/___/___

(3-digit number on back of card)

Name as it appears on card: _______________________________

Authorizing Signature: ___________________________________

My credit card billing address: _____________________________

________________________________State: ____ Zip: _________

* Please include or fax a copy of your healthcare certification; certificate/license

with your registration. Fax number 805-491-3635

The Academy of Energetic Sciences, Inc. will process your credit card, and will reflect

The Academy Training as the merchant.


There is a $50 non-refundable deposit per person for seminar cancellation.

Check with the hotel regarding their room

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