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Is botulism destroyed by coconut oil?

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But if coconut oil is antibacterial then if botulism is one of those bacteria

that can be destroyed by the coconut oil then this would not be a concern.Maybe

this is a bruce question?


" M. Monisit " <jam_monisit@...> wrote:

Hi ,

Thanks for the idea on " flavored " coco oil. We are also using virgin coco oil

in some of our cooking needs such as pancakes, fried eggs. we also put coco oil

in our freshly cooked mongo beans soup.

We'll try your suggested " recipe " but am a bit bothered by the " botulism " and

garlic mentioned by . I check it also.


<chewie927@...> wrote: Hi : I cannot substantiate

the following because I don't remember where I read it: But I have read to

never put fresh garlic into oil and leave it on the counter. It should be

refrigerated because the garlic can breed botulism. (hope I spelled that

correctly). Please search the internet and check this out. Thank you,

cooking ideas with coconut oil

I don't know if this is of any interest to anyone, but I thought I would

share this.

We are fortunate enough to have recently been able to move to the

Republic of Panama where coconuts almost literally liter the streets. So we

have begun using coconut oil liberally in our cooking. I bought a few of those

oil bottles that have dispensor tops like the liquor bottles do in the average

bar. In one I put hot pepper and coconut oil, in another I put lots of crushed

garlic and coconut oil, in the third I put fresh sliced ginger and coconut

oil. I leave them out on the counter top at room temperature since this is

only oil we use in the kitchen, then from these bottles I dispense oil for

frying and sauting. The favors are wonderful this way. One problem is that

while the bottles with garlic and hot peppers have held up nicely the fresh

ginger fermented. Next time I guess I'll try adding some dry ginger since I

think the fresh root was too wet.

Has anyone tried any other variation of this idea with other spices I

might not have thought about? I'm thinking of trying an basil/oregano mix but

I'm wonering if the herbs will be strong enough to flavor without have to add

so much to the oil that it would be chewy from the herb content.

Becca Biderman

Panama Expertos

Helping you live the good life of Panama!


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