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MSM & thyroid suppression ?

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In Dr. Fife's book Eat Fat Look Thin he warns against raw cruciferous

vegetables (cabbage family)in terms of how they can suppress the

thyroid gland. These vegetables contain sulfur. He states that eating

them cooked is no problem. Also, he warns against Sulfur drugs also.

Does anyone know if the supplment MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane)also

causes the thryoid suppression? MSM is a sulfur compound, but those

with sulfur drug allergies can take it without any harm. I have taken

it for about 10 years for joint pain and it works, so hate to stop

taking it. But I have been using coconut oil for around 6 months now

and am not seeing many of the benefits so many speak of and not seeing

a change in my metabolism. Thanks for any assistance.

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