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It should be clear that the only candidate telling it like it is is

. We've seen how Republicans turn their backs on the tortures and

killings of children, elderly, and other vulnerable adults. I and too many have

suffered from total corruption at every level of the Republican dominate

government. How could anyone who has suffered and been made aware of what's

happening in this country dare support a Republican industry puppet?

> SSRI Medication

> From: israelswarrior@...

> Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 02:46:39 -0700

> Subject: RE: Great News for Ron and supporters



> Some of you may believe this has nothing to do with the mission of

SSRI medications, but I assure you - Ron is our best hope of bringing sanity

back to this nation.


> If you are in any way unfamiliar with this man, I urge you to familiarize

yourself with his views. His website is:

> https://voters.ronpaul2008.com


> Best to all,

> Cassandra Casey



> Open Letter...

> Billionaire To Back -

> Everything Changes




> Open Letter To Fellow

> Ron Patriots:


> This information was being held back for the right moment. We now believe that

moment's time has come. The intention of those controlling the hearts and minds

of a large portion of the American People by blatant manipulation of the

international media outlets was clear months ago. Recently the obvious nature of

this manipulation has become so blatant that the time to act is upon us. What

was obvious to a supporter now has reached the point that even non-supporter

will be able to notice the intentional manipulation and see through the smoke

and mirrors.


> The purpose of this information is in no way intended to change anything you

are currently doing to support Ron . The grassroots efforts have been

tremendous and instrumental in getting Ron to the level of support he

currently enjoys. By all means continue to do what you have been doing. Continue

donating to the campaign and by all means continue your support on the street by

passing the word about Ron , the next President of the United States. Don't

forget the next big donation date just around the corner January 21, the

birthday of Dr. Luther King.


> For over 3 months a very wealthy libertarian minded individual has been

lurking among you on numerous Ron websites. He has been carefully watching

the media, the various state GOP organizations, the National GOP, the grassroots

efforts and the various candidate forums. He has come to one conclusion; the

people behind the scenes, the ones that really have the most to lose are doing

everything possible to derail the Ron movement and campaign. People that

were compromised inside of various organizations some time ago have collected

and provided a plethora of evidence and documentation to provide a clear

connection between numerous candidates' staff and media personnel to harm Ron

. There are memos clearly stating Òofficial editorial opinionÓ inside these

organizations in collusion with interested parties that violate numerous laws

and certainly ethics issues. Teams of individuals have been hired by candidates

to write disinformation about Ron on forums, including here, to manipulate

polls and to post on the social networking sites. Furthermore even one media

outlet has also dedicated individuals to deal with the grassroots postings

online. The rabbit hole runs deep and when you see some of the people involved

you will be amazed. As a matter of fact one person is in a position of trust

that will be so embarrassed they will most likely resign from their job.


> All things considered some actions have been taken. The individual involved in

promoting what I am about to describe is no friend of the government and has no

political ties. In fact he despises the IRS to whom he has paid tens of millions

of dollars for many years. He has been involved in broadcasting in the past and

knows the business quite well. He therefore decided months ago to prepare for

the possible contingency that he would need to step forward and provide direct

public support of the one person he feels can make a much needed difference in

our country and the world, Ron . That time has come.


> A little over a two months ago we began production of a mini-series called

" Ron - The Peoples President " . Part One covers everything about Ron

from his introduction to politics to his voting record over the years. It

documents his struggle against the entrenched elite and how these individuals

have duped the American people for many decades. It shows the clear bias against

Ron and how he has many times stood alone in the interest of the American

public only to be ignored in Congress. Part Two discusses 8 major issues of

utmost importance to the American People to include Healthcare, taxes,

constitutional values, monetary policy, the Federal Reserve System, a sound

foreign policy, loss of liberties, the war on terrorism, real social security

reform; it is all covered. Part Three which is now in it final days of post

production explains how the various policies by which Dr. stands could be

implemented and how they would benefit the American People. Each part is one

hour in length and is designed to run commercial free. In addition 3 different

commercial trailers have been produced to advertise in advance the " mini series "

to bring the maximum number of viewers to the program. The 3 one minute

production trailers are " The war in Iraq, Oil and Corporate Profiteering " , " The

Personal Income Tax & Social Security - Real Answers " and last " The American

Healthcare Crisis, a Real Solution. "


> This production has been quietly ongoing, in a privately owned production

studio for months. The production quality is everything you would expect from a

Hollywood production house. To give you an example the host speaks on a set

every bit as nice as the production set used by Wolf BlitzerÕs Situation room,

well actually nicer. I am also pleased to announce that the host is a well known



> The exclusion by Fox News in the forum days before the New Hampshire primary

was bad enough but the complete " blackout " to follow was the final straw. In the

words of the individual behind this " It is time to roll. These people have

awakened a sleeping giant and they will not know what hit them. " Of course, he

was referring to himself and the resources available to him to deliver the

message on primetime television.


> Why is this information being posted here and now? Because we know, from our

inside contacts, this forum is very well watched. Actually this forum is called

the " paulhive " internally to one of the media organizations. After reading this

they will realize what I am typing is true and that they do in fact have a leak.

Yes, gentlemen, you are soon to be exposed. So the first thing he feels this

does is serve a warning to the media; you are on notice that your days of

disinformation are numbered. Your corruption and illegal activities soon will be

exposed. In addition there has been collaboration among the news organizations

to universally drop coverage. Yes, there has been a formal agreement and policy

has been passed down. This is also going to be exposed and individuals are going

to be called out, by name. Secondly, he has noticed a little too much negativity

building among the most important people, the grassroots. I have been asked to

say this to you. " Rome was not built in a day. Now is not the time to give up

hope. Now is the time to double your efforts. This is far from over. You never

know who lurks among you that are with you and your efforts. "


> So where do we go from here? That decision is going to be made in the next few

days. It has not yet been determined when mini-series time will be purchased. It

should be before the Super Tuesday states. A lot depends on the media, the GOP

and a few other important television specific factors. This broadcast time is

going to be very expensive and needs to be planned carefully.


> The bottom line is that this will run and we will do everything possible to

get the GOP nomination. If it is clear that the media and GOP will do everything

possible to derail a GOP nomination then perhaps the only solution left will be

to elect Ron as an independent non-party President. Yes, we know Ron

has said that he will not run third party or independently but with the backing

of a Billionaire running a 3 hour national broadcast mini-series, once if not

twice perhaps even three times, to support the grassroots would be more than

enough to make history by electing an Independent President. All it takes is for

people to hear his message in clear understandable terms and not soundbites and

the rest takes place naturally. We hope all this considered would motivate Dr.

to continue to carry the torch of liberty to November for all of us

regardless of the GOP nomination. They can have him as a Republican President or

an Independent; the choice is now theirs. One thing is absolutely certain, he

will have a voice until November when he returns the White House to the people.


> Keep your heads up and keep doing what you can. Donate money, donate your time

and keep spreading the word about our next President, Dr. Ron . Support is

critical at this time. Just remember, you never know who lurks around you.


> In closing, this account was created on a public computer for the express

purpose of releasing this notice. No private messages will be read or responded

to so please do not write any private responses asking for details. When the

time is right this individual will step forward and make his identity known. For

reasons including government harassment and media interference this individual

must remain anonymous as he is well enough known for this to quickly make news.

Distractions right now would not be productive.


> In addition, please do not contact the Ron Campaign about this as we have

not contacted them and they are learning about this at the same time as you.

They do not have any information nor will they until we are ready. We will have

a press office open at the time we make an official release in the coming future

to answer any questions.


> Keep up the great work patriots our country is once again soon to be ours!


> Ron - We Want Our Country Back!




> Source: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=91845















> --

> Regards,


> Eileen Dannemann

> former director, National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)

> www.ProgressiveConvergence.com

> 917 804-0786



> " It requires courage to utter truth; for the higher Truth lifts her voice, the

louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in

oblivion " … Baker Eddy, Christian Science


> To be removed from list, please hit reply and say " remove " . I won't take it

personally :)





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