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PBCers chatroom - y'all come

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http://pbcers.org/chatroom.htm - for all those with autoimmune liver

disease, including AIH and PSC

The PBCers chat room is a wonderful place to meet PBCers and other

liver disease sufferers to support one another and build lasting

friendships. Our chatroom is not moderated, but we do have at least one

volunteer Host in the chatroom during our scheduled chats.

Our chatroom hosts are members of the PBCers Organization, and are

NOT medical professionals. Chatroom discussions are based on chatters

personal experiences and views.

How to enter chatroom:

Scroll down below the chat schedule to the chatroom connect box.

Type in your user name (, MikeWA, PBCJane, -LA), then click the

" connect " button. This will take you into the chat room. Chat room loading

depends on your Internet connection speed. Please be patient as it may take

one or two minutes. You are in the chat room when you can see your user name

on the left side of the chat box. To send text to the chatroom, type in the

yellow area below the chat screen.

You MUST have JAVA on your computer to use our chatroom. You can get JAVA


Please read chat room Guidelines.

Scheduled Chats

There will always be someone in the chatroom during these times.


8 - 10pm EST


10pm - 12am EST


a.. 4 - 6pm EST


a.. 7:30 - 9:00pm EST


a.. 8 - 10pm EST


10pm - 12am EST


a.. 3- 5pm EST

Chatroom is available all other times for private and committee meeting

chats. During unscheduled chats there may or may not be others in the

chatroom. If you need help entering our chatroom, please e-mail

chathelp@... <mailto:chathelp%40pbcers.org> Due to spam mail,

please type " Chat Help " in the subject box of your e-mail.

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