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Re: Cholesteatoma

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My experience has been the same. I guess many of us who deal with the

cholesteatoma have dysfunctional eustation tubes. From that comes the problem

of fluid being retained in the middle ear.

I've always had problems with my sinuses for many years and have finally figured

out what works for me. I take Claritin daily and I started using warm mist

humidifiers about a year ago. I have three in my house and it really works. I

don't have the sinus problems I used to...virtually no problems at all. I don't

have near the fluid problems that I had before.

So, I'd recommend sleeping very close to a warm mist humidifier, especially in

the winter. My entire family has been sneeze, cough and hack free for some


Hope this helps,


> From: Pamela <pampers420@...>

> Subject: Cholesteatoma

> cholesteatoma

> Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 11:43 AM

> I was diagnosed with cholesteatoma about 6 yrs ago. I keep

> having infections. Its seems like my ear gets wet somehow.

> Its like everything in my sinuses goes to my ears. Is this

> possible? I have also noticed that as soon as a few clouds

> pop up in the sky my sinuses and ears start hurting and

> feeling mushy. Is anybody else going through this or have

> gone through something similar?

> Thanks,

> Pamela Saunders

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Guest guest

In Southern California, I recommend Dr. Hamid Djalilian at UC Irvine. In northern California, I recommend Dr. Sajjadi at San Ear and Sinus.best of luck.RBFrom: Cheyenne Copper <strwbryblonde74@...>Subject: Re: Re: Cholesteatomacholesteatoma Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010, 7:55 PM


Does anyone else have any thoughts about Dr in California? I've heard of the Ear Institue in Palo Alto. Does anyone else have any recommendations?

From: Kat <vegankat83 (DOT) com>cholesteatomaSent: Sat, January 23, 2010 8:09:50 AMSubject: Re: Cholesteatoma

Hey!I got multiple medical opinions before I got the surgery (but I was in a lot of pin as well and had other disturbing symptoms, so my diagnosis was pretty clear).Getting more opinions will be good. In case you don't know, I was told that most cholesteatoma growths grow pretty slowly. So don't freak out and think you need to know right away. The sooner, the better, but waiting a couple months to know for sure will be ok as well.I hope you find out! And find a good ENT in Cali.Peace,Kat>> Hello:> > I'm new to this discussion group. I've had ear problems the majority of my life and being seeing a ENT since for about 20 years. A few years ago I was


with cholesteatoma that was confirmed by two ENT's. The ENT order CAT scan and the ENT's confirmed cholesteatoma. The ENT put in a ear tub ( nothing new) and order anitbotics, and the ear infection left. My ears have been clean for several years now, but nothing said about the cholesteatoma. The ENT's have now left the practice and another ENT is now there. This ENT looked at my ear and said that I don't have a cholesteatoma, but has not requested the CAT x rays. So, now I'm soo lost as to what to do. This ENT doesn't believe me that I have this thing in my ear, and says that he doesn't see anything. What do I do? I'm worried about this thing that can be growing in my ear, but I hate surgeries.> > Do I get the x rays and shove it in his face? Do I believe him and do on my way with life? I still feel like there is allot of pressure in my ear, but the ear is clean and has been clean for years. Any recommendations for ENT or other DR around

Sac CA ?> Thanks.>

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