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Re: amount of carbs needed

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> Hi Bee, Is about a half an onion enough carbs for a meal with about

> 3oz of meat. I am more regular with a full onion, but feel really

> bloated and uncomfortable after the meal. Should I keep it at a half?

> or persist with the full?

+++Hi . Onions are antifungal so that's why you are bloated

afterward, since candida produces carbon dioxide (gas) when it is being

killed off. In any case the amount of carbs in 1/2 onion 3 times a day

isn't very many carbs at all - 1 1/2 per day is only 12 carbs per

www.fitday.com. You should eat other vegetables rather than just



> Bee I have also been a bit hard headed and taken lugol's. Can this

> cause my metabolism to slow down? or cause constipation?

+++I don't think it would cause cause either of those problems, but do

stop taking it.


> Thanks bee,

> Have a very happy new year's eve and a very peaceful and prosperous

> new year,

+++Thanks. You too!

Luv & Hugs, Bee

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