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Re: Re: ph is super acidic

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thanks for your response - it helps to hear others are on the same page!


From: alex_tunbridge <alex.tunbridge@...>

Subject: [ ] Re: ph is super acidic

Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 1:57 PM

Hi Sara,

When I started the candida diet 3 months ago my urine ph went from 7

to 5 and has stayed at 5 ever since. The urine is also lighter in

colour (ie not so yellow). I think this is a positive sign that the

detox is working and the body is ridding itself of toxic crap!

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OK- thank You Bee!  So there is no reason to test ph while healing then? 

thanks for the information- you are a gem!


+++Ascorbic acid doesn't cause your body to be acidic. It is one of

the many nutrients your body needs in order to maintain proper pH in

different areas of the body.


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