Papaya is intense, light and rough by nature, besides being hot in potency. The taste is sweet and pungent, though the after taste is bitter. Chemically, this fruit contains gum resin, yellow in color, glycosides, sugars, citric acid and papain, a digestive enzyme. This enzyme has digestive fats and proteins. It has abundant vitamins, namely, vitamin B complex, vitamin A and vitamin C. It is filled with minerals such as sodium and potassium supplements.

Effects of Papaya

Doshas are Balanced: The papaya fruit destroys vata (air) and kapha (phlegm) doshas. The ripe state of the papaya is also good in combattig the Pitta dosha aggravation.


Natural tonic: Papaya has numerous minerals, vitamins and digestive enzymes as a natural source. You can have papaya as a regular food in your daily diet and thus feel the boost of energy. This fruit can be beneficial as it increases blood sugar levels and improves blood pressure. It is highly recommended to people who suffer from lack of vigor, occasional sleep loss and fatigue symptoms.

Digestive Aid: The papaya fruit contains digestive enzymes that benefit by easy absorption and assimilation of food. Not only do these enzymes stimulate the liver for proper functioning, but also cause an overall improvement in the digestion and as a result provides an increase in the health and vitality. Papaya is recommended in the urinary disorders where the normal urine flow is decreased.

Local Application: The raw papaya milk has anti-bacterial and anti-toxic properties. People with tonsillitis can also consider having papaya. In fact, tongue and mouth ulcers are cured by applying milk on the sores which brings relief.


Women Maladies: During menstruation, women can have decreased or irregular flow, here papaya can be had to ensure the flow is proper. As per ayurveda, the papaya fruit seeds powder when taken with warm water is very useful. Even lactating mothers must supplement this fruit in their diet as daily regimen. This results in good production of milk.

Joint Pains Remedy: The leaves and seeds of papaya are helpful in decreasing swelling and pain. The leaves may be warmed and applied on the affected joint pains and the seeds may be crushed and mixed with mustard oil for local massage.

Papaya grows worldwide and the papaya fruit is either pear shaped or spherical, and can be around 20 inches in length. The average papayas are 7 inches. The flesh is orange or yellow in color. The inner cavity is filled with black seeds, and the round seeds are in a gelatinous substance. The seeds are edible, though it may be a little bitter and contain a peppery flavor. Papaya can also be eaten as a raw fruit, but the ripe fruit has vitamins A and C and beta cryptoxanthin, a photochemical that promotes health. It also contains a protease enzyme, papain that is anti-bacterial.


Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya contains potassium in high amounts and the flesh is very high in Vitamin A. Papaya leaves and seeds are useful in treating in the body the intestinal worms.

Papaya helps thwart constipation and also helps in digesting food. Papaya contains papain, the protein that is a digestive enzyme and assists in the process of natural digestion.

Papaya juice alleviates colon infections by clearing away mucus, pus and infection. Papaya can be had as regular consumption and it will help in solving the colon infections problem.

The papaya skin is excellent in curing skin wounds and also the places that does not heal quickly.

Papaya is high in nutritive value and low in calories, thus an excellent food for people on diet.

Consuming papaya regularly helps in relieving nausea and morning sickness.


Papaya has anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties. This anti-inflammatory property helps in reducing pain for people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and edema.

Papaya is exceptionally good for people who frequently suffer from cough, cold or flu. This is because papaya promotes the immune system. Vitamin A and C in high concentration is beneficial to promote the immune system.

Papaya is the best for good hair and equally helps in controlling dandruff. In fact, even the papaya shampoos are exceptionally good for hair and are easily obtainable in many health stores.

Raw papaya reduces menstrual irregularities and help women. Papaya eases the condition in women by promoting natural flow during the cycle of menstruation.

Papaya cleans your stomach and if papaya is eaten alone for 3 to 4 days, it has a beneficial tonic effect on the intestines and stomach.

People infected with dengue fever and are experiencing low platelet count that is referred to as Thrombocytopenia; can take the raw papaya leaves extracts so that there is an increase in the platelet count.

Leaves of a papaya fruit-bearing tree may be washed using clean water and it can be crushed without water or salt. These crushed leaves may be squeezed by hand so that the juice is extracted and consumed fresh to increase the platelet count. A 10ml quantity is prescribed twice a day for adults and 5ml twice for children in the ages between 5 and 12 years.


Skin Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is best for skin care and provides you with a glowing skin. It is a good source of papain and vitamin A which help remove dead skin cells. Its low sodium quality helps in little loss of water and thus keeps your skin hydrated.

Papaya is a wholesome fruit containing Carotene in more quantities than found in other fruits such as custard apple, apple, guava and plantains.

Raw papaya can be applied by making a paste on the face for 20 minutes. It eliminates all the blemishes and unwanted pimples on the face. Eating and direct application ensures supple, smooth and soft skin. In fact, consuming papaya regularly or even applying it gives your skin the required shine and is long lasting.