Impatient men and those who do not use their intelligence suffer from sexual weakness. They ejaculate early due to this tendency. If a man ejaculates just by hugging or kissing then we can say that it is a serious problem. This problem occurs to those men who usually over indulge in sexual activities.

Men who have indigestion, who do not take nutritious food, who consume drugs, read obscene literature suffers from this problem. This problem occurs due to the food habits and change in daily routine. Consuming nutritious food can cure it.

Natural cure

• If the patient has good digestion he can consume kichdi made of horse bean and rice topping with clarified butter and chewing it properly. He can consume this once a day for 40 days. He can also consume sweet milk in between or after food. As per his digestion capacity the quantity can be increased gradually.

• The patient should go for morning walk before sunrise and take two sugar cakes. Pluck one banyan leaf and let its milk drip on the sugar cake. Pour five to six drops of milk on it. Eat one sugar cake and let its milk drop on the other. Continue this everyday and increase the number of sugar cakes from two to eight. This milk is energetic and rich in minerals. So consume it regularly for two months.

• If the patient’s digestion is improper, he is suffering from constipation, does not feel hungry, then initially he should consume light food and improve his digestion. Take Harad powder with cold water for five to six days. This will help in cleaning the stomach. Take konch seeds grind them finely. Take doublethe twice quantity of refined flour and mix it thoroughly, make small balls and fry it in clarified butter. Later put it in the sugar syrup. Put them on a plate and drop honey on them in such a way that they are full of honey. Consume in the morning and evening on empty stomach. Drink sweet milk one hour after meals.

• Make them whenever necessary and consume, this gives energy.

• Take 100 grams each of aswarodhak, shatavar and gokharu, grind it and make fine powder. Fill it in a bottle and keep aside. Take five grams of this powder mix it with honey and consume. Drink cold sweet milk. Experiment this on empty stomach in the morning. In the night take it two hours after dinner. Avoid tamarind and dry mango powder.

• Dry roots of ladies finger in shade and grind them. Take 10 grams of powder mix it in the milk and consume.

• Take six almonds and soak them in the water in the night. Peel out the skin in the morning. Take six seeds of black pepper, five grams of dry ginger, sugar candy and grind them. Take this everyday in the morning along with milk.

• Take two spoons of onion juice and honey everyday.

• Take 10 grams of Ajowan and 20 grams of onion juice and mix it thoroughly. Take it with clarified butter or sugar. To overcome early ejaculation consume it for one month regularly.

• Soak tamarind seeds in the night and peel out the skin in the morning add jaggery and make balls of six grams each. Consume one ball everyday. This gives sexual strength and helps in solving early ejaculation.

Yogic cure

Impatience leads to early ejaculation. Keep control on your nerves. Practice of yogasanas and pranayam are the best ways to overcome the early ejaculation. This problem can be resolved if proper diet is maintained and yogasanas are practiced.


This is the best asana for the patients suffering from early ejaculation. The muscles of back are widened, stomach muscles are contracted, health improves and early ejaculation is controlled. It improves appetite and the problem related to sperm is also cured.


1. Sit on the floor, fold your right leg and place it on the beginning of the left thigh and let the ankle touch the buttocks.

2. Fold left leg feet with both the hands and bend till forehead touches the knee. After a while take a breath comeback to the initial position. Repeat the process again with another leg.


When practiced regularly gives relief to the patient and overcomes early ejaculation.


1. Sit on the floor and hold the toe with the help of thumb and index finger.

2. Exhale and bend forward, try to place the head on the knees. The knees and the legs should be parallel to the ground.

The elbows should touch the ground. Be in this position from half to three minutes as per convenience. While exhaling come back to the starting position.

3. After this asana practice Bhujangasana andShalabhasana.

Yogmudrasana Practice this asana to improve strength to the stomach. The patient feels hungry and he will be relieved from gas, indigestion and early ejaculation. The pancreas becomes active and diabetes is also cured.


1. Sit in Padmasana posture Take the right palm keep it on the navel and put the left hand on the right hand while exhaling bend forward and touch the ground with the chin. Look straight.

2. Inhale and comeback to the starting position repeat it four to five times.


By practicing Gorakshasana the blood circulation to the muscles improves. If you can practice Moolbandh along with this asana then it will be helpful during celibacy and cures early ejaculation. It controls the sense organs and keeps the person cool.


1. Keep the ankle and feet of the legs straight and hold the legs backwards and sit on the ankles. The knees should touch the ground and the hands should be on the knees in the gyan mudra state.


This asana is best for the patients who suffer from early ejaculation. This asana strengthens the nerves and veins situated on both sides of the backbone. It improves the blood flow and removes all problems related to stom-ach and strengthens the intestines. It cures diabetes and back pain.


1. Sit on the floor and fold the left leg and keep the ankle on the buttocks.

2.Take the right leg on the left leg and place it on the floor.

3. Touch the right feet with the left hand

4. Take the right hand from the back and try to touch the upper portion of the left thigh. Turn the neck right side and try to look backwards.

5. Try this from the other side.


Practice of this asana helps in contracting lower portion of the stomach due to this the intestines becomes active and overcomes constipation. This also helps in curing early ejaculation, navel pain and kidneys.


1. Keep both the hands on the back and with the help of the hands bend the body backwards and place the head on
the ground . The knees should be on the ground together.

2. Keeping the hands on the thighs try to place the shoulders neck and back on the ground.

3. With the help of hands and elbows comeback to the starting position.


Regular practice of Halasana will cure indigestion, dyspepsia, gas, constipation and premature ejaculation. It also helps in curing heart diseases, activates the thyroidglands, reduces the weight and weakness and increases the height. The backbone becomes healthy and the muscles of the back are released. Activates the pancreas and cures the diabetes. Helps in curing painful menstruation, and gynecological problems.


1. Sleep on the back inhale and stop the breath. Lift the legs slowly in 30, 60 and 90 degrees. Take the legs slowly to back of your head by lifting the back and exhaling.

2. Keep the legs back on the ground. Let the breath be normal. Initially for convenience you can keep hands on the waist and be in the position for 30 seconds.

3. Comeback from the starting position by giving pressure on the palms of the hands and straighten the legs.


Practice Kapalbhati, Agnisar kriya, Bhastrika, uddiyan bandh. Meditation is good for curing some problems. Kunjal should be practiced twice and Neti should be practiced everyday.

Food and general habits

Keep away from lust and read good literature. Avoid masturbation and keep distance from females. Go for walk everyday.

Consume only fruits or fruit juices for the first three days. Next one and half months take only fruits and milk. Increase intake of milk from one to three liters. It can be in the form of curd or cottage cheese.

In between you can have carrots, Kheer made with semolina or coarse meal with milk.

Eight to ten almonds, 25 raisins, and seven to eight dry raisins should be soaked in the water and taken in the breakfast. For afternoon lunch take salad, curd, curry, chapatti. In the night take only vegetable soup. In between when you feel hungry take milk and fruits.