Our senses are connected with the five universal elements or the Mahabhutas that are the core of our cosmos. Our sense of hearing is directly connected to the air and ether elements, so the ear is where the Vata essentially settles.

The ear is indeed a vulnerable spot for cold, dry winds, all the sounds of the bustling urban jungle, television, computers and the entire constant stimulus to the ears. These affect the ear and then the entire Vata flow in the body. According to the ancient wellness secrets of the Ayurveda, we need to regularly cleanse the different organs and thereby protect them and allow their proper functioning and longevity.


Ayurveda also has solutions for curing several ENT disorders like earaches, colds and tinnutis by routine procedures to nourish the senses. If the power of our senses is maintained we would not need to go in for ear aids or spectacles at a later stage.

This is why from an early age one must take care of all vital organs as with the correct care prevention is easily possible. We need to retain our essential senses of smell, hearing, sight, touch, and taste throughout our lifespan as it connects us with the outside world. The better our senses prevail, the stronger we are health wise. So we must take measures to look after the same.

How is the Procedure Done?

Karna Purna includes a range of effective oil treatments for reducing the Vata content in the ears which helps fight jaw tension, ringing in the ears, sore throats, colds, sinus infections and congestions of the head. The treatment includes using warm sesame oil and massage in a defined way to soothe the central nervous system. The procedure starts with pouring warm herbal oils or medicated liquids into the ears.

This bathing of the ears with medicated substances is beneficial for both the aggravated nervous system as well as the over worked and over stressed mind.


Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the steps. The therapy begins with a vibrant head and neck healing therapy with oil application. This is followed by a gentle strain of nurturing warm steam to the ears. The ears are then lightly massages. Finally a warm steam towel is applied and few drops of Ayurvedic oil (at room temperature or slightly warmed) is poured into ears. Once the ear cavity completely full with the oil, the person has to rest in the position to allow the oil be appropriately absorbed.

Why is Karna Purna Recommended During the Vata Months?

During the harsh winters, the peak of the Vata season the time of expore to the cold winds and the harsh environment is even more than usual.

Hence from autumn to cold bitter winters and up to early spring one can practice Karna Purna. It is actually effective for all the seasons but our body needs it even more during this crucial time. One develops a deep sense of relaxation and clarity in the head after the process. It is like an instant mind and body calming fix. According to the practice of Ayurveda the sole of the feet have a direct correlation with the ears.

The coating of the oils in the ears creates a cooling and calming effect that helps in eliminating the burning sensation of the feet. Even body pains and aches can be cures by ear purification by the means of Karna Purnaa. Impaired hearing due to the excess of wax blockages and other sediments in the ear canal can be sorted easily. Again the kinds of oil, the temperatures and duration are dependent on the ailments.

So whether one has a case of simple ear wax or a earache or if one is going through bad migraines or even neck pain or jaw pain has its own specific prescriptions. Tinnutis or the ringing of the ear can be alleviated by this procedure by applying suitable oils. One can time sessions from 15 minutes to 45 minutes based on ailment. Also since the ears are sensitive precaution must be taken. Ear candling sometimes accompanies this Ayurvedic healing process to cure lymphatic congestions.

The Amazing Benefits of Karna Purna

There is always science behind the art. Though massage or oil treatments have a soothing artistic undertone, it is all biological science at play. Using herbal oil drops in the ears comes with an exhaustive bounty of health benefits. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

• It helps in soothing imbalances in the ears.
• It helps in sorting out ear congestions.
• It cleanses the ears and brings absolute clarity and coherence in hearing.
• It softens the facial muscles and jaw tension.
• It helps in curing Vertigo.
• It stops ringing in the ears

• It provides respite from ear infections and headaches
• It cannot cure complete deafness but certainly improves hearing
• It positively stimulates the various interrelated, interdependent and interconnected sense organs
• It makes one feel peaceful by effectively calming the mind
• It reduces itching and dryness of the ear
• It opens up the sinus region and lessens all allergy symptoms in the area
• It acts against the ill effects of noise and air pollution
• It treats cellular phone fatigue victims very effectively
• It lessens the impact of wax, mucus and accumulated candid / yeast.

Why Should One Go to a Professional For the Karna Purna Treatment?

Most of the Ayurveda based wellness centers offer Karna Purna. Although one can do this at home if it is just a few ear drops, a full blown procedure must only be handled by Ayurveda professionals as it involves dealing with the delicate filaments of the ear canal.

The ear is a sensitive organ that cannot be compromised. Hence, one must take care while opting for the same and should check out a trusted Ayurveda and massage clinic. Usually a half an hour sessions costs something like $20. So whether you have ear problem or want to go in for a relaxing precautionary session, do your research and try it out.