It’s pretty common knowledge that bananas are good for us, but you may not know that banana flowers have plenty of health benefits too. Also referred to as “banana blossoms”, they are the beginning stages of what would eventually become a banana.

Common to South-East Asia, they appear a lot in this region’s cuisine. They are a tear shaped purple-ish flower that hangs at the end of banana clusters. A popular ingredient in curry, this relatively unknown food in North America has plenty of upsides you need to try!


Aside from tasting like a less strong and more delicate banana, they come with an incredible array of health benefits. They are abundant in fiber, protein, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, and K, and iron making them a great addition to your kitchen.

Banana flowers can help strengthen and repair the uterus. Vitamin C is known to aid tissue repair, such as after child birth. It increases lactation by stimulating progesterone hormone levels for breast milk. Controls the menstrual cycle and helps reduce excessive bleeding, especially when paired with yogurt. It’s clear to see that this fruit is hugely beneficial to women.


They lower blood pressure because of the high potassium. Heal anemia because of the rich iron content to replenish hemoglobin levels. It inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which helps heal wounds and prevent infections. Its antioxidant properties are known to fight cancer and heart disease as well.

Physically, it relieves constipation due to the high fiber content. Helps reduce ulcer pain and prevent them because of the vitamin C. A great dietary inclusion for those with diabetes, as it has antihyperglycaemic properties. The flavonoids inside are excellent insulin receptors.

Medicinal Uses of Banana Flower

Banana flower, also called as vaazhai poo, is a well known home remedy for stomach ulcers. The flower is found to help scanty and painful urination. Soup made of banana flower is an excellent natural laxative. People suffering from pain and burning sensation in hands and soles of the feet can benefit from taking vaazhai poo on a regular basis. Bad breath and sweat odor can become a thing of past with regular consumption of banana flower.


Stomach bloating and bilious vomiting can be arrested with consumption of banana flower (vaazhai poo). Male infertility can be overcome with regular consumption of banana flower. Kidney stones can be cleared with banana flower. burning sensation in anal area can be cured with consumption of banana flower thrice or four times a week.

Banana flower juice mixed with honey or palm candy benefits white discharge in women. This should be taken on empty stomach first thing in the morning. Similarly women with excessive menstrual flow can benefit from taking banana flower regularly. This helps with painful menstruation too.


Juice of banana flower (100 ml) taken in the mornings thrice or four times a week reduces cholesterol levels in blood. This also purifies the blood.

Obese people can take a soup made of banana flower. Finely cut banana flower, ginger, and coriander leaves are boiled together and reduced to half. A pinch of salt can be added to taste. This is taken four to five times a week. This is found to be helpful in weight management.