In the case of normal mouth ulcers the internal membrane gets swollen and wounded and causes severe pain. If this problem aggravates further then boils and wounds spread through the entire mouth, saliva is secreted continuously, and a lot of sputum is produced. At times the patient also has a mild fever. Normally a mouth ulcer’s symptoms resemble the symptoms of bleeding ulcers or the ones caused due to bile.

Types of Mouth Ulcers:

Painful Ulcers: In this case boils appear inside the mouth and cause a burning sensation. The rotten part separates. They seem to be normal boils in the beginning stage but slowly increase in size. This causes painful cough and symptoms of fever.

Tridosha Ulcers: The symptoms of vata, pitta and kapha are seen in these cases.

Ulcers with bad odour: The ulcers produce a very bad smell.

In yet another type: The ulcers pop up and break, the face is like pulp. One type of ulcer is considered to be due to tridosha. In this case a round and high tumor appears, which causes pain.

Besides the above, mouth ulcers appearing in the throat are considered to be different. In that case there are small protrudings of the flesh in the throat. A few are deep, full of pus with severe needle like pain. Some lead to pain in the throat and swelling and cause sore a throat. Sometimes the patient has a mild fever. Therefore the patient experiences symptoms of swelling, sprouts, ripe tongue or dryness of the tongue. The tongue problems are also mouth related problems. The symptoms are different for these six types of ulcers. If it is due to vata then the tongue cracks and becomes rough. If it is due to pitta, the tongue becomes yellow, there is a burning sensation and reddish spike like formation. If the ulcers are the result of kapha, the, tongue has thorn-like things appearing. In another type, the kapha and blood generated ulcers, kapha and blood problems lead to a bent and painful tongue and saliva is secreted along with itching and burning sensation. A hole is formed in the cheeks and a boil comes out and, spreading quickly. These decay and produce a bad smell. The patient has a fever, cough, a burning sensation in the lungs and dysentery. This disease is common among children in the age group of 3 to 6 years.

In yet another type of mouth ulcer the symptoms are similar to the one caused due to kapha. The tongue has a white coating and mucous like thing. First whitish boils appear on the tongue, which increase in size and reach the base, tongue and throat, Then they join together. Sometimes the child patient has a mild fever, loose motions and vomiting, but saliva is not secreted. According to the specialists this is common among children when they drink polluted milk. The children who drink outside milk also suffer from this disease because the milk bottle is generally not cleaned properly; bacteria gets accumulated and reaches the child’s mouth through this contamination.

Normally, mouth ulcers are caused due to constipation, if a child is prevented from getting this problem then it protects him from mouth ulcers. In case the disease is caused, ayurvedic medicines for curing the digestive system should be given. General types of problems can be cured with external remedies. Therefore it would be better to divide them into two parts depending on the type of medicine used.

Cure Mouth Ulcer’s with External and Internal Medicines:

The mouth ulcers, which cannot be cured with external medicines, should be treated with internal medicines. Both the types of treatment are useful depending on the severity of the problem.

Home Remedies:
Grind the paipal tree bark and leaves, add honey and apply the lep on the painful area.

Grind the moolhati, harad, daruhaldi and chameli leaves and mix with honey. Apply this lep on the painful area.
In case of mouth ulcer caused due to vata, rub finely ground rock salt.

Make kwath with chameli, giloy, raisins, patha, daruhaldi, harad, baheda and avala leaves. Let it cool, then add honey and drink it.

Add honey in Triphala decoction and rinse the mouth with this solution.

Put rock salt in hot water and rinse the mouth.

Boil acacia gum in triple the quantity of water, sieve it and store it in a bottle. Apply this on the ulcers.

Apply banana juice on the child’s mouth early in the morning. This gives relief.

It is also beneficial to make the patient sit under a goat and let the milk streak fall directly in the mouth. This should be done early in the morning.

Cotton soaked in glycerin is also very beneficial in this case.

Grind roasted suhaga nicely and add honey, apply this on the ulcers.

Take two parts of moolhati, pathani lodh, usva and black sesame seeds, one part roasted Suhaga, boil it one part water and make sugar syrup with sugar candy.

Apply this thrice or four times daily to cure mouth ulcers.

Mix peppermint oil with glycerin and apply on the ulcers for quick relief.

Take equal quantities of praval pishti washed in rose water and Swarna makshik, wash it nicely and keep it aside. Give 25 mg to 125 mg depending on the age of the child and give it with pomegranate juice twice daily.

Make decoction with triphala, patha, raisins and chameli leaves and give it to the child in reasonable quantity.

Take equal quantities of satvan bark, poppy seeds, sespedula leaves, nagarmotha, amaltas and red sandal. Make a kwath and give it to the patient. This is beneficial in case of mouth ulcers.
Make the decoction with daruhaldi, chameli flowers, raisins, thymol seeds and triphala, add honey and give it to the patient suffering with mouth ulcers.

Make a kwath made with sespedula, dry ginger, triphala, indrayan roots, banphasha, kutaki, turmeric and Giloy. Add honey and give to the patient.

Sucking neem gum is also beneficial in this case.

Apply glycerin and let the saliva come out.

Suck the green leaves of arhar for quick relief in mouth ulcers.

Applying milk of Gular tree is also beneficial in this case.

Make a decoction with mogra leaves and rinse the mouth to cure mouth ulcers.

Make a decoction with green menhdi leaves and rinse the mouth twice or thrice for special relief in mouth ulcers.

Soak raisins in water for some time then chew and eat.

Add salt in raw bitter gourd and keep it under the Sun. Extract the juice and add it in water. Rinse the mouth with this water for quick relief in mouth ulcers.

Diseases of the Tongue According to Ayurveda:

According to ayurveda the diseases of the tongue have been included in the mouth. There are six types of tongue diseases according to Ayurveda.

1. Vataj
2. Pittaj
3. Kaphaj
4. Alas
5. Adhijeebh
6. Upjeebh
Main Symptoms:

In the vataj type, the tongue cracks, which does not give any type of taste. The tongue becomes rough like the vegetable leaf.

In the second type the tongue becomes yellow in color with burning sensation. Reddish colored spikes appear on the tongue.

In the third type the tongue becomes heavy and fleshy spikes appear on it.

In the fourth type the disease is caused due to the doshas of kapha and blood. There is severe swelling under the tongue and when the disease increases then pus is formed in the base of the tongue and blocked. That means the tongue does not move nor rotates. When the patient tries to rotate it severe pain is experienced.

In another type of tongue problem caused due to blood and kapha there is swelling on the upper side of the tongue, it rips and becomes somewhat incurable.

In the sixth type of mouth ulcer the tongue bends and gets swollen due the dosha of kapha and blood. A lot of saliva is formed in the mouth with itching and burning sensation. The patient does not have the taste of anything.

If we look at the causes along with the symptoms we can know that this disease is caused due to wrong eating habits. Worms are created in the stomach, which aggravate the disease. The cause for mouth ulcers and diseases of the tongue are similar. According to western scientists, this disease is caused due to hookworm. If this worm is removed with the help of some medicine then the disease of the tongue can be cured easily.

In case of chronic disorder of the bowels the children tend to get diseases of the tongue. If the bowel disorder is cured, the tongue disease gets cured on its own. In the case of Erithima migrans disease the tongue bends. There are reddish spots formed on the upper layer of the tongue, which keep on changing places. These types of spots are also seen in a few types of fever. The spikes in the tongue have a darkish tan and appear to be black in color. Those who use Hukka normally have black tongue but they do not have any disease and hence do not require any medication. In the disease called microglacia the tongue becomes thick and is a hereditary problem. It also does not require any treatment. Such children should be given thyroid tablets so that the thickness of the tongue reduces to some extent. In some children the tongue protrudes out and they have the habit to rotate it, this also makes their tongue thick.

Tongue related problems also arise due to fever caused due to tridoshas. The tongue becomes rough and contains spikes but its cure depends on the basic diseases. If the fever is not cured then the tongue related disease also doe not get cured. In some cases the chin becomes small and the tongue becomes thick.

In this case the tongue can move towards the respiratory pipe and block its path. At this stage surgery proves to be helpful. Children who have a long tongue, find difficulty while drinking milk. They should be faced upside down and made to drink milk this way. The child is able to drink milk easily like this.

Remedies for Tongue Diseases:

In case of disease caused due to vata dosha, shilvana lep proves to be beneficial.

In case of pitta-generated disease where spikes appear on the tongue, rub them with rough things like cabbage leaves, etc., and then remove the blood, rinse the mouth with lemon water.
In the case of disease generated due to kapha, apply pilyadigana churna with honey after removing the blood.

When thorns appear on the tongue, grind rapeseeds and rock salt and apply it on the tongue, also drink the juice of sespedula leaves, neem bark, brinjal and Yavakshar.

Mix mankind bhasma, rock salt and rapeseed oil and rub on the tongue.

Add thuhar milk with some acidic things like lemon, etc., and rub it on the tongue.

In case of thickness of the tongue, do lekhan procedure and pratisarana with acidic substance, and then do shirovechan, gandoop dharan and nasya etc.

Mix dry ginger, black pepper, pippali, yavakshar, harad and chitrak root powder and rub it on the tongue or rub the oil extracted from these things to cure this disease.

Rub the Biroja, ral, guggul, and devdaru and moolhati churna on the tongue if the disease is generated due to vata dosha.

Rub sweet substances if it is due to pitta dosha. Remove the polluted blood and do gandoop with sweet substances.

Pippali churna is beneficial in case of tongue disease caused due to kapha dosha. Mix honey in this powder and drink it, mix rapeseed and rock salt in hot water and rinse the mouth with this water.

Grind the makhanas and sprinkle the powder on the tongue.

Mix bhimseni camphor and sugar candy and sprinkle on the tongue or mix boric acid in glycerin and apply it on the tongue. If boric acid is not available, grind suhaga and apply it on the tongue with honey.